Summit Lake (Oregon)

There are 7 lakes named Summit Lake in the U.S. state of Oregon:

nameelevationcoordinateUSGS MapGNIS ID
Summit Lake (Clackamas County, Oregon)4,183 ft (1,275 m)45°01′53″N 121°47′17″WTimothy Lake1150623
Summit Lake (Jackson County, Oregon)4,744 ft (1,446 m)42°00′52″N 123°01′09″WSquaw Lakes1150620
Summit Lake (Klamath County, Oregon)5,558 ft (1,694 m)43°27′23″N 122°07′20″WCowhorn Mountain1150624
Summit Lake (Jackson County, Oregon)5,755 ft (1,754 m)42°28′30″N 122°17′09″WMount McLoughlin1150621
Summit Lake (Jefferson County, Oregon)5,909 ft (1,801 m)44°27′45″N 121°50′39″WThree Fingered Jack1150622
Little Summit Lake6,952 ft (2,119 m)44°52′41″N 118°12′16″WAnthony Lakes1123294
Summit Lake (Baker County, Oregon)7,251 ft (2,210 m)44°52′31″N 118°11′46″WAnthony Lakes1127716

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