Suleyman Shah

Suleyman Shah (Ottoman Turkish: سلیمان شاه; Modern Turkish: Süleyman Şah[1]) was, according to Ottoman tradition, the son of Kaya Alp and the father of Ertuğrul and Gündogdu, who was, in turn, the father of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. However, early Ottoman genealogies did not all agree on this lineage, some failing entirely to mention Suleyman Shah as one of Osman's ancestors. The connection between Osman I and Suleyman Shah may have been invented at a later date.[2] His other son was Saru Yatı, the father of Bay Hodja. It is said that Suleyman Shah drowned in the river Euphrates in Syria. An Ottoman tomb in or near Qal'at Ja'bar has historically been associated with Suleyman Shah.[3]

Suleyman Shah
سلیمان شاه
Bey of the Kayı tribe (pre-Ottoman Empire)
Reignc. 1214 - c. 1225
PredecessorKaya Alp
Diedc. 1225
SpouseHayme Hatun
Full name
Suleyman Shah bin Kaya Alp
FatherKaya Alp
ReligionSunni Islam

In fiction

Serdar Gökhan appeared as Suleyman Shah in the Turkish TV series Diriliş: Ertuğrul.

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