Sugarcreek Local School District

Bellbrook - Sugarcreek Local School District is a school district in Bellbrook, in the state of Ohio, USA. Its schools draw their students from families in the City of Bellbrook and Sugarcreek Township. The City of Bellbrook, which is in Sugarcreek Township, has been known for having history dating back to the 19th century.

Bellbrook - Sugarcreek Local School District
60 E. South Street


United States
School boardMary Frantz (President), Elizabeth Betz (Vice President), Dennis Eck, John Harmeyer, Kathy Kingston
SuperintendentDr. Keith St. Pierre
Color(s)         Purple and Gold

Parent/Teacher Organization

The Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) meetings are held the 2nd Monday of every month at Bellbrook Middle School. The PTO helps the District by providing money from a number of fundraisers. Some of these are Market Day, Entertainment Books and[1] The PTO President is Dawn Funk.[1]

Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Board of Education/Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Education Foundation

The Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Education Foundation is a non-profit organization. It is another way the Sugarcreek District receives money not available from public funds.[2]


Bellbrook Middle School Grades: 6-8
Bellbrook High School Grades: 9-12
Stephen Bell Elementary Grades: K-2

Bell Creek Intermediate School: 3-5

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