Suevia Films

Suevia Films was a Spanish film production and distribution company, founded in 1940 by entrepreneur Cesáreo González with his brother Arturo Gonzalez. During the 1940s–1960s they were one of Spain biggest studios and were responsible for more than 130 films, averaging five per year.

Beginning in 1951 with the dancer Lola Flores, who was hired for five films at a cost of 6 million pesetas, Suevia signed many of Spain's leading actors to exclusive contracts. These included Francisco Rabal, Fernando Rey, Carmen Sánchez, Ángel de Andrés, Rafael Durán, Antonio Casal, Amparo Rivelles, Conrado San Martín Sara Montiel, Carmen Sevilla, Paquita Rico, Joselito and Marisol. Suevia also participated in many international co-productions which helped them open up the lucrative Latin American market.

Suevia Films ceased film production within six years of Cesáreo González' death in 1968 but continued as distributors until 1983, when they finally closed down for good.


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