A subdistrict is a low-level administrative division of a district.[1]

Usage by country


In Bangladesh, subdistricts are known as upazilas. They are the third-level and the second lowest-level subdivisions, below divisions and zilas (districts).


In Brunei, subdistricts are known as mukims and they are the second-level country subdivision, immediately below districts (daerah). Mukims are subdivided into villages (kampung).


In China, a subdistrict (Chinese: 街道; pinyin: jiēdào), literally means "street".

East Timor

In East Timor, a subdistrict is known by the Portuguese word subdistrito.


In India, Census India calls the units below the district (जिला) and they are usually called subdivisions (अनुमंडल), tehsil (sometimes referred C D blocks प्रखंड), (taluk/ taluka / mandal) accordingly administrative divisions of india.


In Indonesia, subdistrict refers to kecamatan, which has same level with district.


In Israel, a subdistrict is known in Hebrew as nefa.


In Palestine, a subdistrict is known in Arabic as qadaa.


In Thailand, the equivalent of a subdistrict is a tambon.

 United Kingdom

In England and Wales, subdistrict was part of a registration district.

Historical usage

Kaza was the Turkish term for subdistricts during the Ottoman Empire


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