Stu Moment

Stu Moment is a software developer and pilot. Along with Bruce Artwick, he created the subLOGIC Corporation while he was at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. SubLOGIC then created its successful flight simulator, which was licensed by Microsoft as Microsoft Flight Simulator. SubLOGIC developed the virtual Air Traffic Control module with Performance Monitoring for the product, Flight Assignment ATP. SubLOGIC left the consumer product industry and currently produces contracted software. SubLOGIC's current emphasis is the creation of custom visual and non-visual interactive simulations used to assess task performance.

Moment keeps ties with the Human Factors Division, University of Illinois. His interest in human factors has resulted in recent contracts for on-line Human Factors error reporting and analysis.

Still head of subLOGIC, Moment is an avid stunt pilot and owns a Pitts Special S2B and performs in several airshows. He has won several safety awards for his stunt shows.

Moment received his Master of Science from the University of Illinois, College of Commerce. His emphasis was statistical methods for distinct segment identification. Other interests included mathematical optimization theory. Stu's undergrad study was organizational administration/organizational psychology. Stu holds Airline Transport Pilot and Multi-Engine Flight Instructor ratings and is an Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic.

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