Strike Me Lucky (novel)

Strike Me Lucky is a 1959 novel written by Jon Cleary in collaboration with his wife Joy. The plot concerns an Australian family who discover gold and the effect this has on their small town.

Strike Me Lucky
First edition
AuthorJon Cleary
Joy Cleary
PublisherUre Smith
Publication date


Cleary originally wrote it as a short story for the Saturday Evening Post. Later while the Clearys were living in Spain, Joy was at a loose end and decided to adapt the story into a novel, which Jon then rewrote. It was published under her name and enjoyed minor success.[1]

Marlon Brando optioned the film rights for his production company Pennebaker, intending to make it as a co-production in England, but no movie was made.[2][3] However Jon Cleary did later adapt it into a play in 1969.[4]


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