Strike (1912 film)

Strike is an Australian film directed by George Young. It is considered a lost film.

Directed byGeorge Young
Based onstory by Casper Middleton
StarringCasper Middleton
Roland Conway
Australian Film Syndicate
Release date
1 April 1912
Running time
3,000 feet
LanguageSilent film
English intertitles


A foreigner, Von Haeke, seduces a mine-owner's daughter in order to gain access to her house and her father's money. He is about to marry the girl when his deserted wife arrives and exposes him. In revenge, Von Haeke induces the miners to go on strike, abducts the gig and imprisons her in a mineshaft which is flooded. The hero, Jack, arrives in time to save the girl and beats Von Haeke in a fight. Von Haeke falls to his death from a cliff and Jack marries the girl.[1]


Part of the movie was shot in a coal mine in southern New South Wales in January 1912.[1]


The movie was advertised as being "suggested by the well-known author" Casper Middleton. It only received a limited release in Sydney.[2]


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