Striding Folly

Striding Folly is a collection of short stories by Dorothy L. Sayers featuring Lord Peter Wimsey. First published in 1972, it contains the final three Lord Peter stories. The first two, "Striding Folly" and "The Haunted Policeman", were previously published in Detection Medley (1939), an anthology of detective stories. The third one, "Talboys", was unpublished. All three stories were also anthologized by James Sandoe in the collection Lord Peter: A Collection of All the Lord Peter Wimsey Stories (q.v.).

The book also included a long preface by Janet Hitchman, including an extensive analysis of the character of Wimsey and his relation to Sayers' life, and including a previously unpublished letter of Sayers to Victor Gollancz.


  • Introduction: Lord Peter Wimsey and His Creator, by Janet Hitchman
  • "Striding Folly"
  • "The Haunted Policeman"
  • "Talboys"


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