Streatorland is an informal name given to the geographic area in North Central Illinois that is centered geographically, politically, culturally, and economically, around the city of Streator. It consists of areas in southern LaSalle County and northwestern Livingston. It can be more broadly defined as the area east of Interstate 39, west of Interstate 55, and south of the Illinois River. Depending on the source, the panhandle of LaSalle County can be considered a part of Streatorland. There are several small towns that lie in the Streatorland area and filter into the Streator school district, though there are other schools in the area.

It is a mostly agricultural region with some manufacturing centered in Streator. Some consider this region very economically isolated, mostly due to its lack of interstate highways. There are very few land features, other than the Vermilion River, which runs from south to north in the central part of the region.

Cities and Towns

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