Strangers in the Night (UFO album)

Strangers in the Night (originally subtitled A Double Live Album) is a live album by British heavy metal rock band UFO, first released in 1979 on the Chrysalis label.

Strangers in the Night
Live album by
ReleasedJanuary 2, 1979, re-released August 1999
RecordedOctober 13–18, 1978
VenueInternational Amphitheatre, Chicago,
Louisville Gardens, Louisville and Record Plant Mobile Studio
ProducerRon Nevison
UFO chronology
Strangers in the Night
No Place to Run
Singles from Strangers in the Night
  1. "Shoot Shoot"
    Released: 1979
  2. "Doctor Doctor"
    Released: 1979
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Review scores
The Rolling Stone Album Guide[2]

The original double LP album was recorded in autumn 1978 at shows in Chicago, Illinois and Louisville, Kentucky. This was UFO's last concert recording with guitarist Michael Schenker before the band's reunion in 1993. Schenker left the band during this tour; this led to the band having to recruit former bandmate & ex-Lone Star guitarist Paul Chapman. It has been rumoured that Schenker refused to record any overdubs for the album,[3] which would make this an accurate account of his live guitar work. When he has discussed the album, Schenker has spoken of disappointment with the chosen tracks, saying "there were better takes they could've used".[4]

Strangers in the Night peaked at No. 7 on the UK charts[5] and No. 42 on the US charts.[6] Strangers in the Night is often listed by critics and fans as one of the greatest live rock albums of all time.[1][7] Kerrang! magazine listed the album at No. 47 among the "100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time".[8] Slash, guitarist for Guns N' Roses, has stated that this is his favorite live album.[9] Original UFO bassist Pete Way and original (and still current) drummer Andy Parker both consider the album to be their favorite release by the band.[10]

Two live EPs in 1979 also proved successful for the band. In February, "Doctor Doctor" (taken from the album), coupled with "On with the Action" (recorded on the same 1978 US tour) and the studio cut "Try Me", reached No. 35 in the UK Singles Chart;[11] this was the first time the band had made the UK Top 40. "Shoot Shoot", coupled with "Only You Can Rock Me" and "I'm a Loser", would make No. 48 in the UK in April.[12]

Some of the songs were recorded from a show from UFO's tour with Blue Öyster Cult.


In 1999, EMI reissued Strangers in the Night with an expanded edition featuring two bonus songs, "Hot 'n' Ready" and "Cherry". The announcement at the beginning of the expanded CD version indicates the first track was recorded in Chicago but was not so according to the booklet of the 2008 remaster (the songs are pointed as recorded in Youngstown, Ohio 15.10.1978 and Cleveland, Ohio 16.10.1978 accordingly). The audience noise is from Chicago and the intro for the CD was used from the Chicago show. At 2:40 into the track "Lights Out", Phil Mogg sings "Lights out, lights out Chicago" which is followed by audience roar. Two tracks, "Mother Mary" and "This Kid's" are actually studio tracks with crowd noise added as outlined in the 2008 remaster booklet. The track listing was also reordered to more accurately reflect UFO's setlist at the time. Note that the track list of the 2008 version is identical to the 1999 version, no additional tracks or track list modifications are present.

Other outtake songs from the 1978 tour have also been released. A live version of "On With The Action" from the "Doctor Doctor" single was reissued on the "UFO: The Chrysalis Years (1973-79) cd compilation in 2011. In addition, 2 further live songs "Ain't No Baby" recorded in Kenosha, WI and "Pack It Up (And Go) recorded in Columbus, OH appeared on the "Hot 'N' Live: The Chrysalis Live Anthology 1974-1983" in 2013.

Track listing

Original LP

Side one

  1. "Natural Thing" (Michael Schenker, Phil Mogg, Pete Way) – 3:57
  2. "Out in the Street" (Way, Mogg) – 5:07
  3. "Only You Can Rock Me" (Way, Schenker, Mogg) – 4:08
  4. "Doctor Doctor" (Schenker, Mogg) – 4:42

Side two

  1. "Mother Mary" (Schenker, Mogg, Way, Andy Parker) – 3:25
  2. "This Kid's" (Schenker, Mogg) – 5:11
  3. "Love to Love" (Schenker, Mogg) – 7:58

Side three

  1. "Lights Out" (Schenker, Mogg, Parker, Way) – 5:23
  2. "Rock Bottom" (Schenker, Mogg) – 11:08

Side four

  1. "Too Hot to Handle" (Way, Mogg) – 4:26
  2. "I'm a Loser" (Schenker, Mogg) – 4:13
  3. "Let It Roll" (Schenker, Mogg) – 4:48
  4. "Shoot Shoot" (Schenker, Mogg, Way, Parker) – 4:07

1999 Reissue

  1. "Hot 'n' Ready" (Schenker, Mogg) – 3:26
  2. "Cherry" (Way, Mogg) – 3:44
  3. "Let It Roll" (Schenker, Mogg) – 4:48
  4. "Love to Love" (Schenker, Mogg) – 7:58
  5. "Natural Thing" (Schenker, Mogg, Way) – 3:57
  6. "Out in the Street" (Way, Mogg) – 5:07
  7. "Only You Can Rock Me" (Way, Schenker, Mogg) – 4:08
  8. "Mother Mary" (Schenker, Mogg, Way, Parker) – 3:25
  9. "This Kid's" (Schenker, Mogg) – 5:11
  10. "Doctor Doctor" (Schenker, Mogg) – 4:42
  11. "I'm a Loser" (Schenker, Mogg) – 4:13
  12. "Lights Out" (Schenker, Mogg, Parker, Way) – 5:09
  13. "Rock Bottom" (Schenker, Mogg) – 11:22
  14. "Too Hot to Handle" (Way, Mogg) – 4:26
  15. "Shoot Shoot" (Schenker, Mogg, Way, Parker) – 4:07




  • Ron Nevison – producer, engineer
  • Mike Clink - assistant engineer
  • Brian Chubb - live sound engineer
  • Alan McMillan – horn arrangements, string arrangements
  • Hipgnosis – artwork


Album - Billboard (United States)[6]

Year Chart Position
1979 Billboard 200 42

Album - United Kingdom[5]

Year Chart Position
1979 United Chart 7


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