Strane (pronounced [ˈstɾaːnɛ]) is a small village below the eastern slopes of Mount Nanos in the Municipality of Postojna in the Inner Carniola region of Slovenia.[2]

Location in Slovenia
Coordinates: 45°47′12.53″N 14°5′18.12″E
Country Slovenia
Traditional regionInner Carniola
Statistical regionLittoral–Inner Carniola
  Total6.16 km2 (2.38 sq mi)
658 m (2,159 ft)


Strane has what is considered the oldest and largest yew in Slovenia.[3][4] The tree is estimated to be 550 years old and it has a circumference of 420 centimeters (170 in).[5] Karel Dežman had previously estimated the tree as 952 years old in 1860, assuming a slower rate of growth.[5] Folk tradition claims that Saint Jerome preached under a predecessor of the current yew.[5]

A second, younger yew stands near the older one. It has a circumference of 211 centimeters (83 in) and is estimated to be 230 years old. The younger yew is unusual in that it is monoecious, the only known example of such a yew in Slovenia.[5]


The local church in the settlement is dedicated to the Holy Cross and belongs to the Parish of Ubeljsko.[6]


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