Strandgade 24

The Strandgade 24 is a listed Neoclassical townhouse located on Strandgade in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Strandgade 24
The building seen from across the street
General information
Architectural styleNeoclassical
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
Coordinates55°40′26″N 12°35′23″E
Design and construction


The house on the street was built for count Jens Sparre in about 1630. Yje neighbouring Cort Adeler House at No. 22 originally also belonged to the property but was sold off in 1743. The house at No. 24 was expanded with an extra floor when it was acquired by Franz Fæddersens in 1748.[1]

In 1790, the house was acquired by Charles August Selby, an Englishman who had settled in Copenhagen in 1753 and set up his own trading company in 1777.[2]

The architects H. Christiansen and Jens Ladegaard undertook a renovation of the building in 1988-1989 which received an award from the City of Copenhagen.


The house is seven bays wide. The façade is dominated by a rounded pediment with a relief of Mercury and Neptune, representing trade and seafaring. The rounded pediment matches the similar feature on the Danish Asia Company's former headquarters on the other side of the street.

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