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Straits Times Online Mobile Print (also abbreviated as STOMP or S.T.O.M.P) is a Singapore-based web aggregator and online journalism web portal managed by the Singapore Press Holdings.

Straits Times Online Mobile Print
Type of site
Online journalism blog
Available inEnglish
FoundedJune 2006
Area servedSingapore
ParentSingapore Press Holdings
LaunchedJune 2006
Current statusActive


STOMP contributors, otherwise known as STOMPers, have been widely criticised for submitting xenophobic, racist and sexist content onto the portal. There are also instances of fabricated submissions targeting National Servicemen and commuters on public transport.[1]

In 2012, STOMP staff, 23-year-old Samantha Francis, was sacked after submitting a photo of an MRT train moving with the train doors wide open. It was later revealed that she had taken the photo off Twitter. The editor-in-chief, Mr Patrick Daniel, issued an apology to SMRT.[2]

On 24 March 2014, a STOMPer submitted a photograph of an NS man not giving up his seat to an elderly woman on the train. This photo was later found to be doctored – in reality, there was an empty seat next to the man which was cropped out of the photo.[3]

In April 2014, an online petition to close down the portal went viral. The petition garnered close to 23,000 signatures as of 15 April 2014. Robin Li, owner of the petition, stated: "STOMP has failed to rectify and set simple sensible guidelines before any irresponsible netizen contributes a fabricated story without getting the right facts." Media Development Authority responded that "it will not influence the editorial slant but will take firm action if there is a breach of public interest or the promotion of racial and religious hatred or intolerance."[4]


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