Storfors Church

Storfors Church (Swedish: Storfors kyrka) is a church building in Storfors, which is located in the Diocese of Karlstad of the Church of Sweden.[1] Storfors is situated between Kristinehamn and Filipstad.[1] The church was built in 1959 from drawing plans by architect Tor Engloo.[1] On 10 May 1959, the church was inaugurated by bishop Gert Borgenstierna.[1][2]

Storfors Church
Storfors kyrka
Storfors Church in July 2011
DenominationChurch of Sweden
Consecrated10 May 1959 (1959-05-10)
Architect(s)Tor Engloo

The building has a concrete base and outer walls in glavashiffer. The roof is made of copper plates.[2] The church room is orientated in an east-west direction, with the cross located to the east. The inner-walls are twelve meters high.[3] A seven sided baptismal font of limestone from Gotland was made by the stone shopper R Eklund in Bisby, and was placed in the church in 1964. In the cross hangs an apostle crown designed by Knut Hallberg; the apostle crown is a light crown made of brass with twelve stearing lights.[3] The pulpit is made of light wood.[2]


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