Store Magleby

Store Magleby is a Danish town, seat with Dragør of the Dragør Municipality, in the Region Hovedstaden. Its population in 2009 was 2,000.[2]

Store Magleby
Store Magleby Church
Store Magleby
Coordinates: 55°35′46″N 12°38′07″E
RegionCapital (Hovedstaden)
  MayorAllan Holst
Elevation5 m (16 ft)
Time zoneUTC+1 (Central Europe Time)
  Summer (DST)UTC+2


Traces of an early Iron Age settlement from about the year 200 AD have been found just south east of Store Magleby Church. In 1521 Christian II invited Dutch families to settle in the parish and on arrival they received existing farms. Fires destroyed the town and farms in 1658 (Swedish Wars), 1809 and 1821. Most were rebuilt in the village, but several moved out to the fields and are still seen in the open countryside.[3]


Store Magleby is located in the southern side of the island of Amager, close to Dragør and Tårnby. It lies close to Copenhagen and to its urban area.


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