Stonewall Awards

The Stonewall Awards was an annual event by Stonewall to recognise people who have affected the lives of British lesbian, gay, bi and trans people. The event was first held in 2006 at the Royal Academy of Arts and from 2007 was held at the Victoria and Albert Museum. It was held for the final time, with '...of the Decade' categories, in 2015.[1]


The inaugural event was held at the Royal Academy of Arts.[2][3]

Publication of the YearPink News
Politician of the YearBaroness Ashton
Writer of the YearSarah Waters
Employer of the YearStaffordshire Police
Bully of the YearChris Moyles
Journalist of the YearJonathan Oliver
Broadcast of the YearSugar Rush
Stonewall & Barclays Community Group of the YearThe Albert Kennedy Trust
Entertainer of the YearJohn Barrowman
Hero of the YearSheri Dobrowski


Publication of the YearThe Guardian
Politician of the YearAlan Johnson
Writer of the YearVal McDermid
Sports Personality of the YearNigel Owens
Bigot of the YearAnthony Priddis
Journalist of the YearPhilip Hensher
Broadcast of the YearHollyoaks
Stonewall & Barclays Community Group of the YearLondon Lesbian and Gay Switchboard
Entertainer of the YearDan Gillespie Sells
Hero of the YearAntony Grey


Stonewall nominated Julie Bindel for the 2008 Journalist of the Year award. This nomination was controversial due to her view on transsexualism and lead to a protest taking place outside of the awards venue.[4][5][6]

Publication of the YearTime Out
Politician of the YearWaheed Alli
Stonewall Sports AwardStonewall Lions FC
Writer of the YearStella Duffy
Bigot of the YearIris Robinson
Community Group of the Year UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group
Journalist of the YearMiriam Stoppard
Broadcaster of the YearSandi Toksvig
Hero of the YearGene Robinson



Publication of the Yearg3
Politician of the YearBen Bradshaw
Stonewall Sports AwardMichael Hill
Writer of the YearSarah Waters
Bigot of the YearJointly Jan Moir and Father John Owen
Journalist of the YearJointly Johann Hari and Joan Bakewell
Entertainer of the YearBoyzone
Broadcaster of the YearSamira Ahmed
Hero of the YearRev Scott Rennie



Publication of the YearThe Times
Politician of the YearJohn Bercow
Stonewall Sports AwardMartina Navratilova
Writer of the YearJointly Stella Duffy and Rupert Smith
Bigot of the YearChris Grayling
Journalist of the YearPatrick Strudwick
Entertainer of the YearJohn Partridge
Stonewall Community Group of the YearMindOut
Broadcaster of the YearCoronation Street
Hero of the YearGareth Thomas


Held on 3 November 2011.[9][10]

Publication of the YearThe Guardian Weekend
Politician of the YearChris Bryant
Stonewall Sports AwardAnton Hysen
Writer of the YearAlan Hollinghurst
Bigot of the YearMelanie Phillips
Journalist of the YearJointly Vanessa Feltz and Matthew Todd
Entertainer of the YearJane Hazlegrove in Casualty
Stonewall Community Group of the YearUK Black Pride
Broadcaster of the YearThe World's Worst Place to be Gay? Scott Mills/BBC Three
Hero of the YearRoger Crouch


The 2012 awards were held on 1 November,[11] with the award of "Bigot of the Year" to Cardinal Keith O'Brien drawing protest from the Catholic Church in Scotland,[12][13] of which he was head. Criticism of the bigot award from the winner of the Politician of the Year award, Ruth Davidson, lead to her being "booed off-stage".[14]

Publication of the YearGay Star News
Politician of the YearRuth Davidson
Stonewall Sports AwardRugby Football League
Writer of the YearJeanette Winterson
Bigot of the YearKeith O'Brien
Journalist of the YearHugo Rifkind and Owen Jones
Entertainer of the YearSue Perkins
Stonewall Community Group of the YearEast London Out Project
Broadcast of the YearBritain's Got Talent
Hero of the YearGiles Fraser



Publication of the YearMetro
Politician of the YearBaroness Stowell of Beeston
Stonewall Sports AwardCardiff Lions
Writer of the YearDamian Barr
Bigot of the YearPat Robertson
Entertainer of the YearAntony Cotton
Journalist of the YearGrace Dent
Broadcast of the YearCBBC's Marrying Mum And Dad
Hero of the YearLord Alli and the Russia LGBT Network (joint award)
Advert Of The YearMamas And Papas
Stonewall Community Group of the YearQuaker Lesbian & Gay Fellowship



Publication of the Yeari
Politician of the YearLord Cashman and Lynne Featherstone MP
Stonewall Sports AwardPride House
Writer of the YearSarah Waters
Entertainer of the YearAlicya Eyo (Emmerdale)
Journalist of the YearLiz MacKean
Broadcast of the YearPride
Hero of the YearPepe Julian Onziema
Advert Of The YearLondon Pride and Barclays (#FreedomTo)
Stonewall Community Group of the YearOLGA (Older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Association)



Publication of the DecadeThe Guardian
Politician of the DecadeWaheed Alli
Sports Person or Team of the DecadeNigel Owens
Writer of the DecadeSarah Waters
Entertainer of the DecadeDan Gillespie Sells
Journalist of the DecadeLiz MacKean
Broadcast of the DecadeHollyoaks
Trans Media AwardBoy Meets Girl


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