Stoke Military Hospital

Stoke Military Hospital was an army medical facility in Plymouth, England.

Stoke Military Hospital
South prospect of the former Stoke Military Hospital
Stoke Military Hospital
Location within Devon
Coordinates50.373°N 4.162°W / 50.373; -4.162
Site history
Built forWar Office
In use1797-1945


The facility, which was sited on the north side of Stonehouse Creek, was designed for use by the British Army and styled to match the Royal Naval Hospital on the south side of the creek. It was built using Napoleonic prisoners of war, who were housed in prison ships on the Hamoaze,[1] and was completed in 1797.[2] It was used extensively during the Crimean War and the Second Boer War and then again in the First World War and Second World War.[3]

At the end of the Second World War, the hospital was decommissioned and Tamar High School, which had returned from wartime evacuation, took over the building.[4] After Tamar High School closed in 1989,[5] Devonport High School for Boys, which had been located in an adjacent building further east, moved into the former military hospital.[6]

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