Stirling Lines

Stirling Lines is a British Army garrison in Credenhill, Herefordshire the headquarters of the 22 Special Air Service Regiment (22 SAS) with the site formerly a Royal Air Force non-flying station for training schools RAF Credenhill.[1][2]

Stirling Lines
Near Credenhill, Herefordshire, in England
The Aerial Field at the old Stirling Lines in Hereford
Stirling Lines
Location in Herefordshire
Coordinates52°05′06″N 002°47′42″W
Site information
OwnerMinistry of Defence
Operator British Army
Site history
In useHereford 1984-1999
Credenhill 1999-present
Garrison information
Occupants22 SAS
658 Sqn AAC
264 Sig Sqn (SAS)
267 Sig Sqn (SRR)


In 1958, the Special Air Service (SAS) was temporarily based at Merebrook Camp in Malvern, Worcestershire a former emergency military hospital that had remained largely unused since 1945.[3] In 1960, the SAS moved to a former Royal Artillery boys' training unit, Bradbury Lines in Hereford, which was renamed in 1984 to Stirling Lines in honour of the regiment's founder, Colonel David Stirling.[1] In 1994, the RAF ceased using RAF Credenhill, the Army then obtaining the site to redevelop as a new base for the SAS; works commenced in 1997.[4][1] The SAS commenced relocation of staff and equipment to Credenhill from Hereford with the redevelopment of the site. The move was completed in May 1999.[4][1] On 30 September 2000, the official opening ceremony was held for the new Stirling Lines with the clock tower re-erected on the new parade ground.[1][3] The Hereford site was sold to a property developer in March 2001.[5]

Based units

The following notable units are based at Stirling Lines:[6][7]

British Army

Joint Forces Command (UK Special Forces)

Joint Forces Command (UK Special Forces) / Royal Corps of Signals

Army Air Corps


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