Stephen Winckworth Silver

Stephen Winckworth Silver (26 February 1790, Winchester – 1855)[1] was a London business man who established a company specialised in providing campaign and exploration equipment. They also acted as army and colonial agents, as well as shipping agents.[2] He took over and developed S. W. Silver and Co., the second shirt-making business in London, which had been established in 1794.[3]

Family life

Stephen was the son of Stephen Silver and Elizabeth Finch. His paternal grandmother was Sarah Winckworth.[4] His father was a draper in Winchester who died in 1794.[4] His mother remarried to John Hayter in 1799, and his step brother, George Hayter, was born in 1803.[4] He moved to London where he married Frances Adams, from Barnstaple, Devon, on 1 February 1812.[4] They lived at 5 Circus Road with whom he had six children: Stephen William Silver (1819-1905), Maria Silver (b.1826), Hugh Adams Silver (b.1825), Edgar Silver (born 1829), Walter Silver (b.1831) and Septimus Silver (b.1836). Stephen and Hugh joined S.W.Silver & Co., Edgar became a perpetual curate in the Church of England.[5]


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