Stawka większa niż życie

Stawka większa niż życie (More Than Life at Stake, Stakes Larger Than Life or Playing for High Stakes) was a Polish black and white TV series about the adventures of a Polish secret agent, captain Hans Kloss (real name, Stanisław Kolicki, codename J-23), who acts as a double agent in the Abwehr during Second World War in occupied Poland.

Stawka większa niż życie
Stakes Larger Than Life
Written byAndrzej Zbych (Andrzej Szypulski and Zbigniew Safjan)
Directed byAndrzej Konic, Janusz Morgenstern
StarringStanisław Mikulski
Emil Karewicz
Bronisław Pawlik
Mieczysław Stoor
Music byJerzy Matuszkiewicz
Country of originPoland
Original language(s)Polish
No. of episodes18
CinematographyAntoni Wójtowicz
Running time45-90 min
Original networkPolish Television
Original release1967-1968 
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The series was filmed from March 1967 to October 1968. There were 18 episodes, 9 of which were directed by Janusz Morgenstern and the other 9 by Andrzej Konic.

The show was very popular in Poland, the USSR, Yugoslavia,[1] and former Czechoslovakia. Re-runs are regularly broadcast on Polish TV.


List of episodes

  1. I Know Who You Are (Wiem, kim jesteś) dir. Janusz Morgenstern
  2. Hotel Excelsior (Hotel Excelsior) dir. Andrzej Konic
  3. Top Secret (Ściśle tajne) dir. Janusz Morgenstern
  4. Café Rose (Café Rose) dir. Andrzej Konic
  5. Last Chance (Ostatnia szansa) dir. Andrzej Konic
  6. Iron Cross (Żelazny Krzyż) dir. Janusz Morgenstern
  7. Double Nelson (Podwójny nelson) dir. Janusz Morgenstern
  8. The Great Give-Away (Wielka wsypa) dir. Janusz Morgenstern
  9. Colonel Kraft's ingenious plan (Genialny plan pułkownika Krafta) dir. Janusz Morgenstern
  10. In the Name of the Republic (W imieniu Rzeczypospolitej) dir. Janusz Morgenstern
  11. Password (Hasło) dir. Andrzej Konic
  12. Treason (Zdrada) dir. Andrzej Konic
  13. Without Instructions (Bez instrukcji) dir. Janusz Morgenstern
  14. Edyta dir. Andrzej Konic
  15. Siege (Oblężenie) dir. Andrzej Konic
  16. Operation: "Oak Leaf" (Akcja - "Liść dębu") dir. Janusz Morgenstern
  17. Meeting (Spotkanie) dir. Andrzej Konic
  18. Wanted Gruppenführer Wolf (Poszukiwany Gruppenführer Wolf) dir. Andrzej Konic

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