Statue of the 1st Marquess of Westminster, Belgravia

The statue of the 1st Marquess of Westminster is an outdoor sculpture depicting the owner and developer of the surrounding Grosvenor estate, Robert Grosvenor, 1st Marquess of Westminster. The statue by Jonathan Wylder is located at the corner of Wilton and Grosvenor Crescents, Belgravia, London, England, and was commissioned by Gerald Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster in 1998.[1]

Statue of the 1st Marquess of Westminster, Belgravia
The sculpture in 2012
ArtistJonathan Wylder
LocationLondon, SW1
United Kingdom

The design includes two Talbot dogs which are also featured on the Grosvenor family coat of arms.[1] Below the family motto Virtus non stemma ('Valour not Garland') is a quote by John Ruskin:[2][3]

When we build, let us think we build for ever.

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