Statue of John Wesley, St Paul's Churchyard

The statue of John Wesley, St Paul's Churchyard is an outdoor bronze sculpture depicting the theologian, cleric and co-founder of the religious movement known as Methodism, John Wesley. The statue is located northwest corner of St Paul's Churchyard, London, England, and was erected in 1988.[1][2] It was cast from a sculpture created by Samuel Manning and his son between 1825 and 1849.[3]

On 24 to 26 May, 1738, Wesley worshipped in the nearby Chancel of the Cathedral.[4] The statue is 5 foot 1 inches high, Wesley's height in life,[2] and depicts him wearing a cassock and holding a bible in his left hand.[3] An inscription on the front of the plinth reads:[5]

By Grace ye are saved through Faith

John Wesley, Father of Methodism, 1703–1791, priest, poet, teacher of the Faith.

On the rear of the plinth is a plaque reading 'Property of Aldersgate Trustees of the Methodist Church – 17 September 1988'.[5]

Samuel Manning's original sculpture was in plaster and was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1825.[3] After Manning the Elder's death, his son recreated the sculpture in marble, and it is now situated in the Methodist Central Hall, Westminster.[3]

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