Statilia Messalina

Statilia Messalina (c. AD 35 – after AD 68) was a Roman patrician woman, a Roman Empress and third wife to Roman Emperor Nero.

Statilia Messalina
Statilia Messalina, third wife of Nero
Empress of the Roman Empire
ReignAD 66 – 9 June AD 68
Bornc. AD 35
Diedafter AD 68 (age c. 33 or older)
SpouseMarcus Julius Vestinus Atticus
Issuea son
Full name
Statilia Messalina
HouseJulio-Claudian Dynasty (by marriage)
FatherTitus Statilius Taurus
Roman imperial dynasties
Julio-Claudian dynasty
Augustus 27 BC AD 14
Tiberius AD 14–37
Caligula AD 37–41
Claudius AD 41–54
Nero AD 54–68
Gens Julia
Gens Claudia
Julio-Claudian family tree
Category:Julio-Claudian dynasty
Preceded by
Roman Republic
Followed by
Year of the Four Emperors

Family Background

The ancient sources say little of her family; however, Suetonius states that she was a great-great-granddaughter of Titus Statilius Taurus, a Roman general who was awarded a triumph for his victory and was twice consul. She was either the daughter of Titus Statilius Taurus Corvinus, consul in 45 AD, and who was involved in a plot against the Emperor Claudius,[1] or a daughter of the sister of Corvinus, Statilia Messallina.[2] She was related to Valeria Messalina, one of the daughters of Roman Senator, Marcus Valerius Messalla Corvinus who served as consul in 31 BC.


Her first husband was the consul Marcus Julius Vestinus Atticus to whom she may have borne a son (who died in 88). Around 65, she became Nero's mistress. After the death of the emperor's second wife Poppaea Sabina, Vestinus was forced to commit suicide in 66, so Nero could marry Statilia.

Although witty and scheming, she was far less flamboyant than her predecessor and kept a rather low profile in the public eye. She was one of the few of Nero's courtiers who survived the fall of his reign. After Nero's death, Otho promised that he would marry her, before his suicide in 69.




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Royal titles
Preceded by
Poppaea Sabina
Empress of Rome
Succeeded by
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