Statehood Day (Croatia)

Statehood Day (Croatian: Dan državnosti pronounced [dan dr̩ʒaʋnosti]) is a holiday that occurs every year on 30 May in Croatia to celebrate the constitution of the first modern multi-party Croatian Parliament in 1990. The Statehood Day is the national day of Croatia, being both an official holiday and a day off work.[1]

Statehood Day
Croatian flags on Statehood Day, 2007
Official nameCroatian: Dan državnosti
Observed byCroatia
SignificanceAnniversary of the constitution of the 1990 Croatian Parliament
Date30 May
Next time30 May 2020 (2020-05-30)

On 30 May 1990, the first modern multi-party Croatian Parliament convened, following the 1990 Croatian parliamentary election. This date was from 1990 to 2002 marked as the Statehood Day.[2] The Government of Ivica Račan moved the Statehood Day to 25 June in 2002, and 30 May was marked as a minor holiday, one that was not an off-day.[3] On 25 June, after the independence referendum held on 19 May 1991, Croatia proclaimed its independence, but due to the negotiation of the Brioni Agreement, a three-month moratorium was placed on the implementation of the decision and the Parliament cut all remaining ties with Yugoslavia on 8 October 1991.[4] 8 October was celebrated as the Independence Day from 2002 to 2019.[1]

Slovenia declared independence from Yugoslavia at the same time, and its Statehood Day coincided with the Croatian Statehood Day, on 25 June.

On 14 November 2019, the Croatian Parliament adopted a new law on holidays, and moved the Statehood Day back to 30 May.[1]

Typical state activities on the occasion involve speeches by the President of Croatia and other dignitaries, as well as commemoration of the Croatian War of Independence.[5][6]

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