State Pathologist's Office

The State Pathologist's Office is a branch of the Department of Justice and Equality in the Republic of Ireland. The function of the State Pathologist's Office is to provide independent expert advice on matters relating to forensic pathology and to perform post-mortem examinations in those cases where foul play is suspected ('State cases'). This function includes providing post-mortem reports to the relevant coroner in appropriate instances, as well as attendance at coroners' inquests and at any Court proceedings arising out of the Garda investigation into a death. The Office also provides advice to coroners on cases which are not the subject of a criminal investigation but which nevertheless give rise to complex questions of forensic pathology.

There is one full-time Acting State Pathologist: Dr. Linda Mulligan, assisted by the Acting Deputy State Pathologist Dr. Kathleen Han Suyin. Assistance on a part-time and regional basis is provided by Dr. Margot Bolster.[1]

Since 2015, the pathologist's offices, along with the City Mortuary, have been based in Whitehall, Dublin, in a premises formerly used as a Garda station. In 2010 work had begun on building a new premises at a site in nearby Marino but this was subsequently abandoned.[2]


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