Star Awards 2010

Star Awards 2010 (Chinese: 红星大奖 2010) was a double television award ceremony held in Singapore. It is part of the annual Star Awards organised by MediaCorp for the two free-to-air channels, MediaCorp Channel 8 and MediaCorp Channel U.

Star Awards 2010
Date17 April 2011 - Show 1
24 April 2011 - Show 2
LocationShow 1:
MediaCorp TV Theatre
Walk of Fame, Show 2 and Post-show: Resorts World Sentosa
Hosted byShow 1:
Kym Ng
Mark Lee
Michelle Chia
Vivian Lai
Lee Teng
Michelle Chong
Dennis Chew
Show 2:
Guo Liang
Quan Yi Fong
Most awardsDrama:
Together 当我们同在一起 (20)
Stars for a Cause 明星志工队 (4)
Most nominationsDrama:
Together 当我们同在一起
Reunion Dinner 团圆饭 (4 each)
It's A Small World 国记交意所 (2)
Best DramaTogether 当我们同在一起
Best Variety ShowIt's a Small World 国记交意所
Best ActorChen Hanwei 陈汉玮
Best ActressChen Liping 陈莉萍
All-time Favourite ArtisteChristopher Lee 李铭顺
Mark Lee 李国煌
Website"Official website".
Television/radio coverage
NetworkMediaCorp Channel 8
MediaCorp Channel U
Runtime180 mins (both presentations)
60 mins (Walk of Fame and Post-show)

The nomination lists for the main categories and popularity awards were announced on 3 February and 18 March 2010, respectively.[1]

This year Star Awards marked the first time the Professional and Technical awards (given out to backstage crew and scriptwriters) were telecast and presented in one show (first show), and was also the second year to host multiple award shows airing on two separate Sunday nights, after 2007. While the first show was still held at MediaCorp TV Theatre, the second show was, for the third time in Star Awards' history, being held on the new location of Resorts World Sentosa, after 1996 and 2006.

Also introduced this year were the six awards, Favourite Male Character, Favourite Female Character, Most Unforgettable TV Villain, Male Media Darling, Female Media Darling and Rocket Award, allo f which were awarded on the first show (亮闪八方 (lit. Dazzling Awards)). The first three awards were decided by online voting that run from 1 March until 11 April with the results being announced during the first ceremony. The Rocket Award was also introduced, which mainly focuses on the artiste who contributed the most improvement throughout the past year.

Both of the ceremonies were broadcast live on 18 and 25 April 2010. The post-show was held after the second ceremony at 10pm on Channel U.

Programme details

Date Shows Time Channel Venue
18 April 2010 Star Awards 2010 Show 1 7pm to 10pm MediaCorp Channel 8 MediaCorp TV Theatre
25 April 2010 Star Awards 2010 Red Carpet 5.30pm to 6.30pm MediaCorp Channel 8 Resorts World Sentosa
25 April 2010 Star Awards 2010 Show 2 7pm to 10pm MediaCorp Channel 8 Resorts World Sentosa
25 April 2010 Star Awards 2010 Post Show Party 10pm to 11pm MediaCorp Channel U Resorts World Sentosa

Winners and nominees

Unless otherwise stated, winners are listed first, highlighted in boldface.

Show 1 (亮闪八方)

Young Talent Award 青苹果奖
Best Info-Ed Programme 最佳资讯节目
  • Stars for a Cause 明星志工队
    • Diminishing Horizons 消失地平线
    • Food Hometown 2 美食寻根2
    • Tuesday Report - Extraordinary People 星期二特写 - 不平凡的人
    • Tuesday Report - Life In A One-Room Flat 星期二特写 - 一房世界
Best Director 最佳导演
  • Tay Peck Choo 郑碧珠  Together 当我们同在一起
    • Chong Liung Man 张龙敏  Together 当我们同在一起
    • Lai Lee Thin 赖丽婷  Together 当我们同在一起
    • Leong Lye Lin 梁来玲  Baby Bonus 添丁发财
    • Loo Yin Kam 卢燕金  Together 当我们同在一起
Best Screenplay 最佳剧本
  • Ang Eng Tee 洪荣狄  Reunion Dinner 团圆饭
    • Ang Eng Tee 洪荣狄  Together 当我们同在一起
    • Chen Sew Koon 陈秀群 and Seah Choon Guan 谢俊源  My School Daze 书包太重
    • Freddy Leow 廖明利 and Cynthia Chong 张湄云  Housewives' Holiday 煮妇的假期
    • Winnie Wong 王尤红 and Tang Yeow 陈耀  Daddy at Home 企鹅爸爸
Best Theme Song 最佳主题曲
Best Variety Research Writer 最佳综艺资料撰稿
  • Lim Kar Yee 林嘉仪  Paris and Milan 女王本色
    • Evelyn Gow 吴惠玲  Happy Maid 幸福小女人
    • Hon Sher Ee 潘雪忆  It's a Small World 国记交意所
    • Loong Li Li 龙俐利  Fashion Asia 亚洲时尚风
    • Tay Lay Tin 郑丽贞  Singapore Flavours 万里香
    • Teo Kim Kee 张琴棋  Live a Life U质人生
Best Title Design (Variety/Info-Ed) 最佳片头设计(综艺节目)
  • Tay Choon Loong 郑春龙  Housewives Pte Ltd 主妇的春天
    • Ong Kian Ming 王建铭  Singapore Flavours 万里香
    • Ong Kian Ming 王建铭  Destination Most Wanted 优游天下
    • Chiu Wei Kwang 邱伟光  Let's Party With Food VII 食福满人间VII
    • Tay Choon Loong 郑春龙  Fashion Asia 亚洲时尚风
Best Programme Promo 最佳宣传短片
  • Danny Loh Boon Kiat 罗文杰  Growing Up Girl 相信积蓄力量,鼓励释放潜能
  • Ng Wan Ching 王琬君  Don't Forget the Lyrics! Audition Promo 我要唱下去! 甄选宣传片
    • Chan Hsueh Li 陈雪丽  Perfect Cut 2 一切完美2
    • Chen Meling 陈美伶  September Double Bonus 九月双喜临门
    • Howe Choon Jin 何宗锦  The Wedding 芳心有李
    • Kee Chee Wee 纪志威  Food Hometown 2 美食寻根2
    • Loo Li Min 卢俐敏  The Ultimatum 双子星
    • Ng Wan Churn 黄婉琛  Your Hand in Mine 想握你的手
Best Set Design (Variety/Info-ed) 最佳美术设计(综艺节目)
  • Tay Siu Whye 郑秀怀  3-Plus-1 (Season 2) 三菜一汤2
    • Annie Chua Yi Jun 蔡宜君  ComChest Charity Show 2010 公益献爱心
    • Justin Lee Zhen An 李振安  CelebriTEA Break (Season 2) 艺点心思2
    • Mohd B Abdul Rahim  Star Awards 2009 Post Show Party 红星大奖2009 庆功宴
    • Tay Siu Whye 郑秀怀  Community Chest Charity Show 2010 公益献爱心
    • Xu Ying Ying 徐盈盈  The SPD Charity Show 2009 真情无障爱
Best Variety Producer 最佳综艺编导
  • Alfred Yeo 杨居辐  3-Plus-1 (Season 1) 三菜一汤
    • Gan Bee Khim 颜美琴  Live a Life U质人生
    • Kerlin Teo 张晓娜  King of Thrift 3 省钱王出城记
    • Mandy Tan 陈桂辉  Campus SuperStar 3 Grand Finals 校园Superstar 2009总决赛
    • Tan Moon Hwa 陈玟桦  Lunar New Year's Eve Special 2009 牛转乾坤喜临门
    • Khow Hwai Teng 邱慧婷  The SPD Charity Show 2009 真情无障爱
Best Variety Cameraman 最佳摄影 (综艺节目)
  • Thong Weng Leong 唐荣亮  Fashion Asia 亚洲时尚风
    • Chris Siew 萧嘉耀  My Star Guide 4 我的导游是明星4
    • Ler Leong Poh 吕良宝  On The Beat 4 都是大发现4
    • Thong Weng Leong 唐荣亮  Destination Most Wanted 优游天下
    • William Tan 陈伟联  Live a Life U质人生
Best News Story 最佳新闻报道
  • Ng Lian Cheong 吴俍㬕  – Raid of illegal purchasing of cigarettes 突击私烟贩卖活动
    • Evelyn Lam Li Ting 蓝丽婷  – Petrol Prices Promotions and Traffic Congestion 汽油促销,交通阻塞
    • Liang Kai Xin 梁凯欣  – Higher Interest in Purchasing Gold Bars 购金条,赚取高利
    • Lip Kwok Wai 聂国威  – Capture of Mas Selamat 回祈团头目落网
    • Tay Cheng Xiang 郑景祥  – Interview with Seng Han Thong 成汉通烧伤专访
Best Current Affairs Story 最佳时事报道
  • Lynne Chee 徐赟羚  Frontline 前线追踪  Obsessive–compulsive disorder 强迫症的困扰
    • Chun Guek Lay 曾月丽  Focus 焦点  Seng Han Thong Burning Experience 成汉通的烧伤磨难
    • Eg Yik Fan 吴益帆  Money Week 财经追击  – Innovator Series 创业系列
    • Grace Yang Hsiao Hung 杨晓红 and Ng Toh Heong 黄卓雄  Focus 焦点  Typhoon Morakot 莫拉克台风肆虐台湾
    • Leck Chye Peng 陆彩萍 and Eugene Lim 林锦成  Frontline 前线追踪  – The aunt of textile printing 印花嫂

Awards eligible for Audience Voting

The online voting for Favourite Male & Female Character was revealed on 18 March 2010, and were closed on 18 April, at 9pm. Voting for other categories closed at 8.15pm.

Favourite Male Character 最喜爱男角色
Favourite Female Character 最喜爱女角色
Male Media Darling 媒体最喜爱男艺人
Female Media Darling 媒体最喜爱女艺人
Unforgettable Villain 最难忘电视大反派

Special Awards

Rocket Award

The Rocket award, debuting this year, was given to the artiste with the most improvement in the performance of his/her respective field of profession for the past year.

Rocket Award
Elvin Ng

Viewership awards

Unlike previous awards, only the shows with the highest viewerships (for Drama Serial and Variety/Info-Ed Programmes, respectively) were listed and awarded.

Top Rated Variety Programme 2009
最高收视率综艺节目 2009
The Wedding
Top Rated Drama Serial 2009
最高收视率电视剧 2009
Housewives' Holiday

Show 2

Main category

Best Drama Serial 最佳电视剧
Best Variety Programme 最佳综艺节目
  • It's a Small World 国记交意所
    • 3-Plus-1 (Season 2) 三菜一汤II
    • CelebriTEA Break (Season 2) 艺点心思2
    • Destination Most Wanted 优游天下
    • Paris and Milan 女王本色
Best Variety Special 最佳综艺特备节目
  • The Chinese Challenge Grand Finals 华文?谁怕谁!总决赛
Best Actor 最佳男主角
Best Actress 最佳女主角
Best Supporting Actor 最佳男配角
Best Supporting Actress 最佳配主角
Best Variety Show Host 最佳综艺主持人
Best Info-Ed Show Host 最佳资讯主持人
  • Bryan Wong 王禄江  Food Hometown 2 美食寻根2
    • Chew Chor Meng 周初明  Food Hometown 2 美食寻根2
    • Michelle Chia 谢韵仪  Stars for a Cause 明星志工队
    • Guo Liang 郭亮  Stars for a Cause 明星志工队
    • Pornsak  Stars for a Cause 明星志工队
Best News Anchor 最佳新闻主播
Best Current Affairs Presenter 最佳时事节目主持人
  • Chun Guek Lay 曾月丽  Focus 焦点
    • Desmond Lim 林树源  Good Morning Singapore! 早安您好
    • Qi Qi 琪琪  Good Morning Singapore 早安您好
    • Tung Soo Hua 董素华  Money Week 财经追击
    • Youyi 有懿  Good Morning Singapore! 早安您好

All Time Favourite Artiste

This award is a special achievement award given out to artiste(s) who have achieved a maximum of 10 popularity awards over 10 years. Top 10 winning years the recipients were awarded together are highlighted in boldface.

All Time Favourite Artiste
Christopher Lee 李铭顺1997 | 1998 | 2000 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2009
Mark Lee 李国煌1998 | 1999 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2009

Awards eligible for Audience Voting

The nominations for Top 10 Most Popular Male & Female Artistes were announced and started on 18 March 2010, and ended on 25 April at 9pm.

ItalicNew to list (Not nominated last year).
BoldAwardees who made it to the Show 2 top 10.
Made it to top 10 in the week / Fall under the Top n category.
nHow many of this awards the awardee got.
10To be awarded the All-Time Favourite Artiste in the next Star Awards.
Stage: Show 2
Results Top 18 Top 16 Top 14 Top 10
Telepoll lines Artist Results
Top 10 Most Popular Male Artists 十大最受欢迎男艺人
1900-112-2001 Zhang Yao Dong 张耀栋 2
1900-112-2002 Dai Yang Tian 戴阳天 1
1900-112-2003 Qi Yuwu 戚玉武 6
1900-112-2004 Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉 9
1900-112-2005 Guo Liang 郭亮 4
1900-112-2006 Pornsak
1900-112-2007 Elvin Ng 黄俊雄 4
1900-112-2008 Shaun Chen 陈泓宇
1900-112-2009 Huang Wen Yong 黄文永
1900-112-2010 Dasmond Koh 许振荣
1900-112-2011 Pierre Png 方展发
1900-112-2012 Zheng Ge Ping 郑各评 2
1900-112-2013 Gurmit Singh 葛米星
1900-112-2014 Chen Han Wei 陈汉玮 7
1900-112-2015 Zhu Houren 朱厚任
1900-112-2016 Chen Shucheng 陈澍城
1900-112-2017 Joshua Ang 洪赐健
1900-112-2018 Dennis Chew 周崇庆 1
1900-112-2019 Terence Cao 曹国辉
1900-112-2020 Bryan Wong 王禄江 7
Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes 十大最受欢迎女艺人
1900-112-2021 Kym Ng 鐘琴
1900-112-2022 Felicia Chin 陈靓瑄 4
1900-112-2023 Pan Ling Ling 潘玲玲
1900-112-2024 Belinda Lee 李心钰
1900-112-2025 Ann Kok 郭舒贤
1900-112-2026 Pei Xuan 蔡佩璇
1900-112-2027 Jesseca Liu 刘芷绚 4
1900-112-2028 Priscelia Chan 曾诗梅
1900-112-2029 Michelle Chia 谢韵仪 5
1900-112-2030 Yvonne Lim 林湘萍 3
1900-112-2031 Rui En 瑞恩 6
1900-112-2032 Michelle Chong 庄米雪
1900-112-2033 Jin Yinji 金银姬
1900-112-2034 Joanne Peh 白薇秀 4
1900-112-2035 Hong Huifang 洪慧芳
1900-112-2036 Lin Meijiao 林梅娇
1900-112-2037 Xiang Yun 向云 10
1900-112-2038 Quan Yi Fong 权怡凤 5
1900-112-2039 Vivian Lai 赖怡伶 6
1900-112-2040 Jeanette Aw 欧萱 6

Presenters and performers

The following individuals presented awards or performed musical numbers.

Show 1

Artistes / Special guestsPresented / Performed
Everyone's at the Party Performed "点爆八方"
Kelvin Tong 唐永健
Sam Wen 文树森
Presented Best Variety Research Writer and Best Screenplay
Huang Wenyong 黄文永
Jin Yinji 金银姬
Presented Young Talent Award
Hong Huifang 洪慧芳
Ann Kok 郭舒賢
Xiang Yun 向云
Presented Best News Story and Best Current Affairs Story
Most Unforgettable Villain Nominees Presented a comedian skit
Ah Niu 阿牛 (陈庆祥) Performed "桃花朵朵开" and "纯文艺恋爱"
Lim Sau-hoong 林少芬 Presented Best Title Design and Best Programme Promo
Kelvin Tong 唐永健 Presented the cast for a comedic skit Our Family of Freaks (怪胎一家人) and Matrix ping pong
Terence Cao 曹国辉
Apple Hong 洪乙心
Zhang Zhenhuan 张振寰
Nat Ho 鹤天赐
Wayne Chua 蔡佩璇
Sun Xiangde 孙祥德
Performed comedic skits Our Family of Freaks (怪胎一家人) and Matrix ping pong
Chen Liping 陈莉萍
Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉
Presented Best Art Design
Chen Hanwei 陈汉玮
Zheng Geping 郑各评
Presented Best Info-Ed Programme
Chew Chor Meng 周初明
Royston Tan 陈子谦
Presented Best Cameraman
Richard Ng 吴耀汉 Presented Most Unforgettable Villain
Ah Niu 阿牛 (陈庆祥)
Lee Wei Song 李伟菘
Presented Best Theme Song
Kelvin Tan 陈伟联 Performed "我们"
Nominees of Best Variety Programme Presented comedic skit
Vice-President, MediaCorp (Television)
Chang Long Jong 章能容
Presented Best Variety Producer and Best Director
Mark Lee 李国煌
Li Nanxing 李南星
Presented Male Media Darling and Female Media Darling
CEO, MediaCorp
Lucas Chow 周永强
Gave out award for Top Rated Variety Programme and Top Rated Drama Serial
Fann Wong 范文芳
Sung Yimin 宋逸民
James Chen 陈宇风
Presented Favourite Male Artiste and Favourite Female Artiste
Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports and Transport
Teo Ser Luck 张思乐
Gave out Rocket Award

Show 2

Artistes / Special guestsPresented / Performed
Christopher Doyle 杜可風
Tsai Yueh-Hsun 蔡岳勋
Presented Best Drama Serial
Godfrey Gao 高以翔
Sam Tseng 曾国城
Presented Best Variety Programme and Best Variety Special
Paul S.D Lee 李四端 Presented Best News Presenter and Best Current Affairs Presenter
Lin Hsiu-Ling 林秀玲
Elsie Yeh 叶全真
Presented Best Supporter Actor and Best Supporting Actress
Regine Li 利菁
Sam Wang 王少伟
Presented Best Info-ed Programme Host and Best Variety Show Host
JJ Lin 林俊杰 Performed "无法克制"
CEO, MediaCorp
Lucas Chow 周永强
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence
Teo Chee Hean 张志贤
Gave out All-Time Favourite Artiste
Susanna Kwan 关菊英
Michelle Yim 米雪
Presented Best Actor and Best Actress
Sam Tseng 曾国城
Cheryl Yang 杨瑾华
Presented Top 10 Most Favourite Male Artistes
Mark Chao 赵又廷
Regine Li 利菁
Presented Top 10 Most Favourite Female Artistes

Star Awards 2011 Nominations

The first show of 2010 won the Best Variety Special on the following ceremony next year; it was Star Awards second win for the Best Variety Special since the show won its first award in 2007 (for the 2006 ceremony).

RecipientAwardAccoladeRepresentative workResult
Glen Lim 林祥平 Star Awards 2011 (Show 1)
银光闪耀 红星大奖2011
Best Variety Research Writer
Both Shows Nominated
N/A Star Awards 2011 (Show 2)
金碧辉映 红星大奖2011
Best Variety Special
Star Awards 2010 Show 1
红星大奖2010 亮闪八方

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