Star Awards 2007

Star Awards 2007 (Chinese: 红星大奖 2007) is a television award ceremony held in Singapore. It is part of the annual Star Awards organised by MediaCorp for MediaCorp TV Channel 8. It was the first Star Awards ceremony to be broadcast in two weeks putting emphasis on two programmes; the first ceremony, broadcast on 9 December 2007, titled 红星大奖之戏剧情牵25 (lit. Star Awards 25th Drama Anniversary), commentating 25 years of drama in the Television in Singapore (the ceremony would later became a legacy of having a separate presentation of Professional and Technical awards, which would not happen until Star Awards 2010). The second show, airing 16 December 2007, would be a regular ceremony.

Star Awards 2007
Date9 December 2007 (25th Anniversary)
16 December 2007 (Main ceremony)
LocationMediaCorp TV Theatre
Hosted byGuo Liang
Quan Yi Fong
Sharon Au (Ceremony only)
Christina Lim (Post-show)
Pornsak (Post-show)
Mark Lee (Post-show)
Jeff Wang (Post-show)
Vivian Lai (Post-show)
Most awardsDrama:
Metamorphosis 破茧而出 (2)
Find Me a Singaporean 稀游记
Say It If You Dare 3 有话好好说3
Star Awards 2006 红星大奖2006 (1 each)
Most nominationsDrama:
Mars vs Venus 幸福双人床 (7)
Say It if You Dare 3 有话好好说3 (2)
Best DramaMetamorphosis 破茧而出
Best Variety ShowSay It If You Dare 3 有话好好说3
Best ActorZheng Geping 郑各评
Best ActressYvonne Lim 林湘萍
All-time Favourite Artistenot presented
Television/radio coverage
NetworkMediaCorp Channel 8
MediaCorp Channel U (Post-show)
Runtime180 mins (both presentations)
60 mins (Post-show)
15 mins (Prelude)

The 2007 ceremony was notable as it was the last ceremony to be held at the end of the year (months of December). Starting on the next ceremony of 2009, all the future Star Awards ceremonies would be held on the months of April. It was also the first ceremony not to present the All-time Favourite Artiste award since the inception of the category in 2004.

Winners and nominees

Unless otherwise stated, the winners are listed first, highlighted in boldface, or highlighted.

Prelude to Star Awards 2007

A nine-episode Prelude series, titled 星光隧道 (lit. "Starlight Tunnel"), premiered on 18 October 2007 every Thursdays with Kym Ng and Dasmond Koh as hosts. The series featuring guest artistes from MediaCorp who would will be playing games with family contestants relating to the every MediaCorp produced dramas. Charlyn Lin co-hosted the islandwide roadshows to rally for the 40 nominated artistes for the Top 10 Most Popular Artistes.

Star Awards 25th Drama Anniversary (红星大奖之戏剧情牵25)

The first week of the Star Awards 2007 ceremony, titled Star Awards 25th Drama Anniversary (红星大奖之戏剧情牵25) was a special addition to the usual Star Awards in tribute to the 25th anniversary of Chinese MediaCorp drama production industries. Guo Liang and Quan Yi Fong were the hosts while Bryan Wong and Michelle Chia co-hosted for one segment. Charlyn Lin was the backstage host.

Unlike regular award ceremonies, most of the awards does not have presenters (and no handover of awards), and instead replaced by a clip show of various drama scenes.

Awards Eligible for Audience Voting

Six out of 11 categories awarded were decided by public voting; these results were all reflected on this list:

My Favourite Actor 我最喜爱的男演员
Christopher Lee 李铭顺 Pierre Png 方展发 James Lye 赖兴祥 San Yow 姚玟隆 Huang Yiliang 黄奕良
Edmund Chen 陈之财 Qi Yuwu 戚玉武 Thomas Ong 王沺裁 Zheng Geping 郑各评 Chen Tianwen 陈天文
Elvin Ng 黄俊雄 Shaun Chen 陈泓宇 Wang Yuqing 王昱清 Xie Shaoguang 谢韶光1 Chen Hanwei 陈汉玮
Huang Wenyong 黄文永 Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉 Adrian Pang 彭耀顺 Chen Shucheng 陈澍承 Richard Low 刘谦益
Li Nanxing 李南星 Terence Cao 曹国辉 Cavin Soh 苏智诚 Chew Chor Meng 周初明 Zhang Yaodong 张耀栋
My Favourite Actress 我最喜爱的女演员
Aileen Tan 陈丽贞 Felicia Chin 陈凤玲 Jacelyn Tay 郑秀珍 Lin Meijiao 林梅娇 Chen Bifeng 陈碧凤
Ann Kok 郭舒贤 Fiona Xie 谢宛谕 Jeanette Aw 欧萱 Xiang Yun 向云 Ivy Lee 李锦梅
Chen Liping 陈莉萍 Hong Huifang 洪慧芳 Jin Yinji 金银姬 Yvonne Lim 林湘萍 Zeng Huifen 曾慧芬
Cynthia Koh 许美珍 Huang Biren 黄碧仁 Joanne Peh 白薇秀 Zoe Tay 郑惠玉 Zheng Wanling 郑婉龄
Fann Wong 范文芳 Chen Xiuhuan 陈秀环 Li Yinzhu 李茵珠 Cai Pingkai 蔡平开 Jesseca Liu 刘芷绚
Top Five Favourite Drama Theme Song 最喜爱的五大主题曲
(The Awakening I 雾锁南洋)
(Good Morning Sir 早安老师)
(The Unbeatables I 双天至尊)
(Beyond Dawn 女子监狱)
Made in Singapore
(Don’t Worry, Be Happy 敢敢做个开心人)
青春123 (Youth 123)
(The Happy Trio 青春 123)
(The Last Applause 舞谢歌台)
(Brave New World 新阿郎)
(Legend of the Eight Immortals 东游记)
(A Promise for Tomorrow 拥抱明天)
(Samsui Women 红头巾)
(Finishing Line 出人头地)
(Neighbours 芝麻绿豆)
(Stepping Out 出路)
(Holland V 荷兰村)
(Five Foot Way 五脚基)
(On the Fringe 边缘少年)
(The Price of Peace 和平的代价)
(Wok of Life 福满人间)
(A Child's Hope 孩有明天)

(Mystery I 迷离夜)
(The Coffee Shop 咖啡乌)
(Tofu Street 豆腐街)
(A New Life 有福)
(The Shining Star 星闪闪)
Screen 荧幕玉女掌门人
Zoe Tay 郑惠玉 Chen Xiuhuan 陈秀环 Fann Wong 范文芳 Jeanette Aw 欧萱 Fiona Xie 谢宛谕
Madeline Chu 朱乐玲 Pan Lingling 潘玲玲 Ivy Lee 李锦梅 Dawn Yeoh 姚懿珊 Joanne Peh 白薇秀
Xiang Yun 向云 Ann Kok 郭舒贤 Yvonne Lim 林湘萍 Jesseca Liu 刘芷绚 Priscelia Chan 曾诗梅
Chen Li Ping 陈莉萍 Jacelyn Tay 郑秀珍 Li-Lin 丽玲 Felicia Chin 陈凤玲 Zeng Huifen 曾慧芬
Eelyn Kok 郭蕙雯 Phyllis Quek 郭妃丽 Jazreel Low 刘琦 Rui En 芮恩 Apple Hong 洪乙心
Screen Heartthrob 荧幕金童掌门人
Wang Yuqing 王昱清 Li Nanxing 李南星 Qin Wei 秦伟 Elvin Ng 黄俊雄 Alan Tern 唐育书
Huang Wenyong 黄文永 Christopher Lee 李铭顺 Terence Cao 曹国辉 Edmund Chen 陈之财 Allan Wu 吴振宇
Hugo Ng 吴瑰岸 Thomas Ong 王沺裁 Chew Chor Meng 周初明 Pierre Png 方展发 Shaun Chen 陈泓宇
Chen Tianwen 陈天文 James Lye 赖兴祥 Chen Hanwei 陈汉玮 Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉 Julian Hee 许立桦
Hoong Kuo Juey 洪国锐 Qi Yuwu 戚玉武 Sean Say 成建辉 Zhang Yao Dong 张耀栋 Adam Chen 詹金泉
Top Five Favourite Dramas 最喜爱的五大连续剧
Stand By Me
On The Fringe
The Unbeatables
Stepping Out
Legend of the Eight Immortals
Beyond the Axis of Truth
法医 X 档案
The Coffee Shop
Chronicles of Life
Samsui Women
Beautiful Connection
A New Life
Golden Pillow
Wok of Life
As You Like It
Holland V
The Shining Star
The Price of Peace
Tofu Street
The Winning Team
Mystery I
Good Morning Sir
The Awakening
The Guest People
Army Series

Awards decided By Professional Judges

The other five awards are determined by professional judges. The table lists only the winners, in alphabetical order.

Most Memorable Role 经典人物
  • Chen Liping 陈莉萍  Good Morning, Sir! 早安! 老师 as Ai Yo Yo
  • Chen Liping 陈莉萍  Holland V 荷兰村 as Mo Wan Wan
  • Chew Chor Meng 周初明  Don't Worry Be Happy 敢敢做个开心人 as Ah Bee
  • Xiang Yun 向云 and Huang Wen Yong 黄文永  The Awakening 雾锁南洋 as Ah Mei and Ah Shui
  • Zoe Tay 郑惠玉  Pretty Faces 三面夏娃 as Bo Bo
Favourite On-screen Partners 最佳荧幕搭档
  • Christopher Lee 李铭顺 and Fann Wong 范文芳  Return of The Condor Heroes 神雕侠侣
  • Edmund Chen 陈之财 and Ivy Lee 李锦梅  Double Happiness 喜临门
  • Huang Wen Yong 黄文永 and Xiang Yun 向云  The Awakening 雾锁南洋
  • Li Nan Xing 李南星 and Zoe Tay 郑惠玉  The Unbeatables 双天至尊
  • Xie Shao Guang 谢韶光 and Huang Bi Ren 黄碧仁  Stand By Me 家人有约
Evergreen Veteran 艺坛常青树
  • Chen Shu Cheng 陈澍城
  • Huang Wen Yong 黄文永
  • Li Yin Zhu 李茵珠
  • Xiang Yun 向云
Most Memorable Characters 经典人物
  • Alex Man 万梓良, Zoe Tay 郑惠玉 and Fann Wong 范文芳  Golden Pillow 金枕头
  • Fiona Xie 谢宛俞, Jeanette Aw 欧萱, Felicia Chin 陈凤玲, Hsiao Qiao 小娇  The Champion 任我遨游
  • Hong Hui Fang 洪慧芳 and Carole Lin 林晓佩  Price of Peace 和平的代价
  • Top View of Immigrants  The Awakening 雾锁南洋
  • Xie Shao Guang 谢韶光 and Ivy Lee 李锦梅  Stepping Out 出路
Top 10 Most Evil Roles in Dramas 十大恶人
  • Chen Han Wei 陈汉玮  A Life of Hope 活下去
  • Chew Chor Meng 周初明  The Reunion 顶天立地
  • Ivy Lee 李锦梅  The Wing of Desire 天使的诱惑
  • Yvonne Lim 林湘萍  Portrait of Home 同心圆
  • Andrew Seow 萧乙铭  Love is Beautiful 美丽家庭
  • Cavin Soh 苏智诚  Portrait of Home 同心圆
  • Rayson Tan 陈泰铭  The Homecoming 十三鞭
  • Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉  The Unbeatables 双天至尊
  • Jeff Wang 王建復  Holland V 荷兰村
  • Xie Shao Guang 谢韶光  Golden Pillow 金枕头
  • ^ Xie was absent in the award ceremony, and was unable to receive his "My Favourite Actor" award.

Star Awards 2007 Awards Ceremony

The second week of Star Awards 2007, broadcast on 16 December 2007, was the main ceremony.

Backstage Achievement Awards Ceremony

As like preceding ceremonies, Professional and Technical Awards were presented before the main ceremony via a clip montage due to time constraints. The lists of winners are only reflected in the table.

    Best Director 最佳导演
    Best Screenplay 最佳剧本
    Best Set Design 最佳美术设计
    Best Drama Cameraman 最佳戏剧摄影
    Best Drama Design 最佳戏剧服装设计
    Best Drama Set Design 最佳戏剧布景设计
    • Oh Hock Leong 胡福隆 and Ho Hock Choon 何福春  Kinship (season 1) 手足I
    Best Variety Programmer 最佳综艺编导
    • Glen Lim 林祥平 and Lim Shiong Chiang 林雄强  Campus SuperStar (Season 2 Grand Finals) 校园SuperStar 2 – 总决赛
    Best Variety Research Writer 最佳综艺资料撰稿
    • Ng Bee Yen 黄美燕  Lead Me On 贤人指路
    Best Promotional Video 最佳宣传短片
    • Teo Kok Tung 张国彤  S-POP Hurray! Audition "Groove" S-Pop万岁!创作大赛征选 – "Groove"
    Best News Story 最佳新闻报道
    • Chua Su Sien 蔡淑贤  – Fire at Hougang 后港大火
    Best Current Affairs Story 最佳时事报道

    Main Ceremony

    Best Drama Serial 最佳电视剧
    Best Variety Show 最佳综艺节目
    • Say It If You Dare 3 有话好好说3
      • Adventure Clicks 代你看世界
      • Code Red 爱上小红点
      • I Cook For You 名厨上菜
      • Star Search 2007 才华横溢出新秀 2007
    Best Variety Special 最佳综艺特备节目
    • Star Awards 2006 红星大奖2006
      • Lunar New Year's Eve Special 2007 金猪贺岁庆肥年
      • Project SuperStar 2 Grand Finals 绝对SuperStar 2 总决赛
      • Ren Ci Charity Show 2007 仁心慈爱照万千 2007
      • Thye Hua Kwan Charity Show 2007 一心一德为善乐2007
    Best Info-ed Programme 最佳资讯节目
    • Find Me a Singaporean 稀游记
      • Design Asia 设计达人
      • History Teller 史迹密码
      • Simply Overseas 异乡人。新鲜事
      • Tuesday Report: Out of Bounds 星期二特写之闲人免进
    Best Actor 最佳男主角
    Best Actress 最佳女主角
    Best Supporting Actor 最佳男配角
    Best Supporting Actress 最佳女配角
    Best Variety Show Host 最佳综艺主持人
    • Mark Lee 李国煌  Say It if You Dare 3 有话好好说3
      • Guo Liang 郭亮  Lead Me On 贤人指路
      • Quan Yi Fong 权怡凤  King of Thrift Smart 省钱王
      • Cavin Soh 苏智诚  Where the Queue Starts 2 排排站,查查看2
      • Bryan Wong 王禄江  Home Décor Survivor 2 摆家乐2
    Best Newcomer 最佳新人
    Best News / Current Affairs Presenter 最佳新闻播报/时事主持人
    Young Talent Award 青苹果奖
    Best Theme Song 最佳主题曲

    Viewership Awards

    Top 10 Highest Viewership Local Dramas in 2007 十大最高收视录电视剧
    1. The Golden Path 黄金路
    2. Like Father, Like Daughter 宝贝父女兵
    3. Honour and Passion 宝家卫国
    4. Mars VS Venus 幸福双人床
    5. Metamorphosis 破茧而出
    6. Dear, Dear Son-in-Law 女婿当家
    7. The Peak 最高点
    8. Switched! 幸运星
    9. Live Again 天堂鸟
    10. The Greatest Love of All 爱。特别的你
    Top-rated Variety Programme 最高收视率综艺节目
    • Home Decor Survivor (season 2) 摆家乐2
    Made it to top 10 in the week / Fall under the Top n category.
    nHow many of this awards the awardee got.
    10To be awarded the All-Time Favourite Artiste in the next Star Awards.
    Top 18 Top 16 Top 14 Top 10
    Telepoll lines Artist Results
    Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes 十大最受欢迎男艺人
    1900-112-3001 Zhang Yao Dong 张耀栋 1
    1900-112-3002 Huang Wen Yong 黄文永
    1900-112-3003 Chen Hanwei 陈汉玮
    1900-112-3004 Marcus Chin 陈建彬
    1900-112-3005 Guo Liang 郭亮
    1900-112-3006 Dasmond Koh 许振荣 5
    1900-112-3007 Mark Lee 李国煌 9
    1900-112-3008 Henry Thia 程旭辉
    1900-112-3009 Pierre Png 方展发
    1900-112-3010 Bryan Wong 王禄江 5
    1900-112-3011 Gurmit Singh 葛米星 5
    1900-112-3012 Edmund Chen 陈之财 7
    1900-112-3013 Shaun Chen 陈泓宇
    1900-112-3014 Jeff Wang 王建復
    1900-112-3015 Christopher Lee 李铭顺 9
    1900-112-3016 Terence Cao 曹国辉
    1900-112-3017 Adrian Pang 彭耀顺
    1900-112-3018 Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉 7
    1900-112-3019 Qi Yuwu 戚玉武 4
    1900-112-3020 Elvin Ng 黄俊雄 2
    Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes 十大最受欢迎女艺人
    1900-112-3021 Patricia Mok 莫小玲
    1900-112-3022 Kym Ng 鐘琴 4
    1900-112-3023 Hong Hui Fang 洪慧芳
    1900-112-3024 Xiang Yun 向云 8
    1900-112-3025 Dawn Yeoh 姚懿珊
    1900-112-3026 Vivian Lai 赖怡伶 4
    1900-112-3027 Jesseca Liu 刘芷绚 2
    1900-112-3028 Ivy Lee 李锦梅 6
    1900-112-3029 Quan Yi Fong 权怡凤 3
    1900-112-3030 Rui En 芮恩 3
    1900-112-3031 Felicia Chin 陈凤玲 2
    1900-112-3032 Jeanette Aw 欧萱
    1900-112-3033 Joanne Peh 白薇秀
    1900-112-3034 Huang Biren 黄碧仁 10
    1900-112-2035 Pan Ling Ling 潘玲玲
    1900-112-3036 Michelle Chong 庄米雪
    1900-112-3037 Priscelia Chan 曾诗梅
    1900-112-3038 Michelle Chia 谢韵仪 4
    1900-112-3039 Yvonne Lim 林湘萍
    1900-112-3040 Fiona Xie 谢宛谕
    Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes
    Week 1 欧萱 姚懿珊 陈凤玲 芮恩 赖怡伶 谢宛谕 刘芷绚 白薇秀 鐘琴 林湘萍
    Week 2 欧萱 姚懿珊 陈凤玲 芮恩 赖怡伶 谢宛谕 刘芷绚 白薇秀 权怡凤 黄碧仁
    Week 3 欧萱 姚懿珊 陈凤玲 芮恩 赖怡伶 林湘萍 刘芷绚 白薇秀 权怡凤 黄碧仁
    Week 4 欧萱 姚懿珊 陈凤玲 芮恩 赖怡伶 谢宛谕 李锦梅 白薇秀 权怡凤 黄碧仁
    Week 5 欧萱 向云 陈凤玲 芮恩 赖怡伶 谢宛谕 刘芷绚 白薇秀 权怡凤 黄碧仁
    Week 6 欧萱 向云 陈凤玲 芮恩 赖怡伶 谢宛谕 刘芷绚 白薇秀 权怡凤 黄碧仁
    Week 7 欧萱 向云 陈凤玲 芮恩 赖怡伶 谢宛谕 刘芷绚 谢韵仪 权怡凤 黄碧仁
    Week 8
    Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes
    Week 1 曹国辉 戚玉武 陈建彬 王建復 黄俊雄 李铭顺 陈汉玮 王禄江 张耀栋 方展发
    Week 2 曹国辉 戚玉武 陈建彬 王建復 黄俊雄 李铭顺 陈汉玮 王禄江 张耀栋 方展发
    Week 3 曹国辉 许振荣 陈建彬 王建復 黄俊雄 李铭顺 陈汉玮 王禄江 张耀栋 方展发
    Week 4 曹国辉 许振荣 李国煌 王建復 黄俊雄 李铭顺 陈汉玮 王禄江 张耀栋 方展发
    Week 5 曹国辉 许振荣 李国煌 王建復 黄俊雄 李铭顺 陈汉玮 王禄江 张耀栋 方展发
    Week 6 曹国辉 许振荣 陈之财 王建复 黄俊雄 李铭顺 陈汉玮 王渌江 郑斌辉 方展发
    Week 7 曹国辉 许振荣 陈之财 陈泓宇 黄俊雄 李铭顺 陈汉玮 王渌江 郑斌辉 方展发
    Week 8

    Presenters and performers

    The following individuals presented awards or performed musical numbers.

    25th Drama Anniversary

    Artistes / Special guestsPresented / Performed
    Cast of selected dramas Performed a medley of songs: "雾锁南洋", "逍遥游", "边缘少年", "沉默的羔羊", "红头巾", "新兵小传", "飞跃巅峰" and "情感联络站"
    Power Station 動力火車 Performed a medley of songs: "我吃得起苦", "还隐隐作痛" and "那就这样吧"
    Eric Moo 巫启贤 Performed "遗忘过去", "情谊藏心底" and "情感联络站"
    Campus SuperStar contestants:
    Gao Meigui 高美贵
    Benjamin Hum 范平庚
    Khim Ng 黄韵琴
    Stella Seah 谢慧娴
    Shawn Tok 卓轩正
    Teresa Tseng 曾詠霖
    Performed "早安老师"
    Carrie Yeo 杨佳盈 Performed "红头巾"
    Lydia Tan 陈迪雅 Performed "触摸"
    Judy Teng 邓雪华
    Maggie Teng 邓妙华
    Jeni Teng 邓桂华
    Performed "快乐密码"
    Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉
    Fann Wong 范文芳
    Performed "别让情两难"
    Former Singapore Broadcasting Corporation Director-general
    Jiang Long 江龙
    Gave out Evergreen Veterans award (Huang and Yun)
    Former Singapore Broadcasting Corporation Director-general
    Leung Lap Yan 梁立人
    Gave out Evergreen Veterans award (Chen and Li)
    Irene Bai 白言
    Cecilia Chen 陈美光
    Delivered monologue and speech for winners of Evergreen Veterans
    CEO, MediaCorp
    Lucas Chow 周永强
    Gave out My Favourite Actress award
    Former Singapore Broadcasting Corporation Assistant-Chairman
    Cheng Tong Fatt 郑东发
    Gave out awards for Top Five Favourite Dramas

    Main Show

    Artistes / Special guestsPresented / Performed
    Elliot Ngok 岳华
    Tanny Tien Ni 恬妮
    Presented Best Drama Serial
    Jack Neo 梁智强
    Presented Best Variety Programme
    Sally Wu 吴小莉
    Zhu Jun 朱军
    Presented Best Variety Special
    Chen Liping 陈莉萍
    Ming Dao 明道
    Presented Best Supporting Actress
    Kim Jeong-hoon 金楨勋
    Zoe Tay 郑惠玉
    Presented Best Supporting Actor
    5566 band members Presented Best Newcomer
    CEO, TVBS Wireless Channel
    Young Ming 杨鸣
    Presented Best News / Current Affairs Presenter
    Show Lo 罗志祥 Performed "一枝独秀"
    Jack Neo 梁智强
    Sally Wu 吴小莉
    Zhu Jun 朱军
    Presented Best Variety Show Host
    Elliot Ngok 岳华 Presented Best Actress
    Vivian Chow 周慧敏 Presented Best Actor
    183 Club band members Presented Top 10 Most Favourite Female Artistes
    Show Lo 罗志祥
    Fann Wong 范文芳
    Presented Top 10 Most Favourite Male Artistes

    Star Awards 2009 Nominations

    The first show (25th Drama Anniversary) was nominated for the Best Variety Special in the 2009 ceremony, but lost to MediaCorp 45th Anniversary Gala (45载光芒8方贺台庆).

    AwardAccoladeRepresentative workResult
    Star Awards 2009
    Best Variety Special
    Star Awards 2007– 25th Drama Anniversary
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