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StarHub TV is the sole cable television operator in Singapore (it was the sole pay-TV operator in the country until 2007 when mio TV, an IPTV service from its competitor, SingTel, was launched). A subsidiary of StarHub Limited, when StarHub acquired Singapore Cable Vision (SCV) in 2001, and now assumes ownership over the S$600 million broadband infrastructure built across the country by 1996.

StarHub TV
First air date
July 1991
Broadcast area
Key people
Tan Tong Hai (CEO)
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StarHub TV

The company offers cable television services via the cable network which has been in operation since 1991, but now under the name StarHub TV. It also provides this service via a wireless network, the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTTV) system.

Company history

The history of cable TV in Singapore started in 1991 when the then Singapore Cable Vision (SCV) was licensed to establish a nationwide broadband cable network to provide pay-TV services. SCTV also had the unprecedented responsibility of delivering terrestrial free-to-air (FTA) channels to Singapore households via its cable points, free-of-charge to viewers.

In 1999, SCV completed the construction of its S$600 million network, and in recognition of its nationwide cabling effort, SCV was granted exclusivity in the provision of pay-TV services until 2002. As the nation developed, Singaporeans began to embrace pay-TV as an additional source of lifestyle entertainment, in addition to other entertainment sources such as cinemas, Internet and DVD/VCD purchase/rentals.

In 2002, StarHub completed its merger with Singapore Cable Vision and has adopted its name until in 2007,[1][2] where StarHub Cable Television was renamed its current name, StarHub TV.[3]

On 17 February 2009, StarHub announced that their television will be converted to digital and analogue set-top boxes will be terminated by 30 June 2009, beginning a phase of digital television transition in Singapore.[4]

On 30 April 2010, channel numbers for StarHub TV was overhauled into a three-digit numbering system, allowing easier recall for subscribers. The channels were also classified into eight categories based on the channel's genre and its first number.[5]

On 1 August 2010, StarHub TV will cease broadcasting the Barclays English Premier League for the 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2012/13 seasons as it did not procure the rights to do so. Its carriage of Goal TV 1, Goal TV 2, ESPN, STAR Sports and STAR Cricket will also cease at the same time. The ESS channels were unavailable on StarHub's platform for three years until in December 2012, it was announced that ESPN, STAR Sports and STAR Cricket will return to StarHub on 14 December on a non-exclusive basis. The channel was revived after StarHub TV acquired its rights to broadcast the 2018-19 season of UEFA Champions League.[6]

Rediffusion Singapore was added in to StarHub TV in October 2010 as RediGold, the first FM channel to be broadcast on cable television; however, both Rediffusion and RediGold ceased transmission on 1 May 2012 due to a decline in listenership. Rediffusion resumed its transmission in 11 November 2013, but through internet.[7]

Since 2010, many channels were made to free-viewing for a brief period of time to commemorate a holiday. Its first free preview was held between 28 May to 13 June due to a school holiday.[8] Since then, a weeklong free previewing of channels were held on other major public holidays.

On 31 May 2011, StarHub TV's Preview Channel (Channel 101) became ScreenSingapore Channel for a duration from 1 to 19 June, before reverting to Preview Channel.

Many channels had, over time, ceased broadcast on StarHub TV to make way for newer channels, such as JimJam, JET TV, NEO Cricket, TTV World and MGM. On 15 February 2012, Playin' TV, a television-gaming service channel, was also ceased.

On 1 October 2012, StarHub TV ceased two of three cricket channels for Cricket Extra and NEO Cricket; the remaining channel, TEN Cricket was still purchasable as an add-on channel ($32.10/month) until STAR Cricket was added.

On February 2012 and January 2013, StarHub launched two new channels (Channel 114 and Channel 873, respectively) that were made temporarily for the first time, which were coincidentally right next to the two KBS World channels to inform subscribers about when the channels have their last-day free-to-air and which groups they will be in respectively. Channel 110, the former Sunsilk Academy Fantasia channel, had remained unused since October 2012.

On 18 March 2013, StarHub launched its first fibre-optic IPTV television, beginning another transition of cable television.[9] The IPTV was rolled out to residential customers on 8 April 2015.[10]

In an announcement made on 1 November 2018, cable television will cease transmission by 30 June 2019.[11] However, StarHub followed up with another announcement on 24 June 2018, saying that cable services will end on 30 September 2019 instead, giving consumers until 31 August 2019 to switch to fibre.[12] StarHub completed the move to fibre networks on 30 September 2019.[13]


NamePackageStarhub Go
ABS-CBN Sports and ActionTFC PackYes
AXN HDBasic Entertainment GroupYes
Adithya TVSun TV Pack/Thangam PackNo
Animal Planet HDBasic Education GroupYes
Animax AsiaBasic Chinese Entertainment GroupYes
ANIPLUS HDBasic Chinese Entertainment GroupYes
Arirang TVFreeview ChannelNo
Asia Travel HDBasic Chinese Infotainment GroupYes
Asian Food Network HDBasic Lifestyle GroupYes
Asianet MoviesNidhi PackNo
AsianetNidhi PackNo
Astro WarnaAdd On ChannelNo
Australia PlusFree-To-AirNo
BBC Earth HDBasic Education GroupYes
BBC EntertainmentBasic Lifestyle GroupYes
BBC First HDBasic Lifestyle GroupYes
BBC LifestyleBasic Lifestyle GroupYes
BBC World NewsBasic News GroupYes
BabyFirstBasic Kids GroupYes
Bloomberg TelevisionFree ViewsNo
Blue Ant Entertainment HDBasic Entertainment GroupYes
Blue Ant Extreme HDBasic Lifestyle GroupYes
BoomerangBasic Kids GroupYes
CBeebiesBasic Kids GroupYes
CCTV NewsBasic News GroupYes
CCTV-4Basic Chinese Infotainment GroupYes
CCTV-9Basic Education GroupYes
CNBC AsiaBasic News GroupNo
CNN InternationalBasic News GroupYes
CTI AsiaBasic Chinese Infotainment GroupYes
Cartoon NetworkBasic Kids Group HDYes
Celestial MoviesCelestial Movies PackNo
Celestial Classic MoviesCelestial Movies PackNo
Channel V IndiaSTAR Hindi Music & Movies PackNo
Chinese Business NetworkFree ViewsYes
Cinema One GlobalTFC PackYes
CinemaWorld HDCinemaWorld PackYes
CinemaxAdd On Channel/Supreme Box Office ComboNo
ColorsColors Pack/Manoranjan-ComboNo
Comedy CentralBasic Entertainment GroupYes
Crime & Investigation Network HDBasic Education GroupYes
DMAXBasic Lifestyle GroupYes
DW (Deutsch)Free-to-airNo
Discovery Asia HDBasic Education GroupYes
Discovery Channel HDBasic Education GroupYes
Discovery ScienceBasic Lifestyle GroupYes
Disney Channel HDBasic Kids GroupYes
Disney Junior HDBasic Kids GroupYes
Disney XD HDBasic Kids GroupYes
DIVA HDBasic Entertainment GroupYes
Dragon TVFreeview ChannelYes
DreamWorks Channel HDDreamWorks Channel Pack/Supreme Box Office ComboYes
E CityBasic Chinese Entertainment Group/Freeview ChannelYes
E! EntertainmentBasic Lifestyle GroupYes
Eurosport NewsFree-To-AirNo
EurosportSports PackYes
EVEBasic Lifestyle GroupYes
Fight Sports HDSports PackYes
FX HDBasic Lifestyle GroupNo
Fyi HDBasic Lifestyle GroupYes
Fashion OneAdd On ChannelNo
Food Network Asia HDBasic Lifestyle GroupYes
Fox Action Movies HDFox Movies Pack/Supreme Box Office ComboNo
Fox HDBasic Education GroupNo
Fox Crime HDBasic Education GroupNo
Fox Family Movies HDFox Movies Pack/Supreme Box Office ComboNo
Fox Life HDBasic Education GroupNo
Fox MoviesFox Movies Pack/Supreme Box Office ComboNo
Fox News ChannelBasic News GroupNo
Fox Sports 2 HDSports PackYes
Fox Sports 3 HDSports PackYes
Fox Sports HDSports PackYes
GEMChinese Entertainment GroupYes
GMA Life TVGMA PackYes
GMA News TV InternationalGMA PackYes
GMA Pinoy TVGMA PackYes
Gemini MoviesSwagatam+No
Gemini TVSwagatam+No
H2 HDBasic Education GroupYes
HBO HDHBO PAK/Supreme Box Office ComboNo
HBO Family HDHBO PAK/Supreme Box Office ComboNo
HBO Hits HDHBO PAK/Supreme Box Office ComboNo
HBO Signature HDHBO PAK/Supreme Box Office ComboNo
HGTVBasic Lifestyle GroupYes
HLNBasic News GroupYes
History HDBasic Education GroupYes
HITS HDBasic Entertainment GroupYes
iConcerts HDiConcerts PackYes
IDXMNC Indonesian PackNo
Jia Le ChannelBasic Chinese Entertainment Group/Freeview ChannelYes
KBS WorldBasic Chinese Entertainment GroupYes
Kalaignar TVSun TV Pack/Thangam PackYes
Kiran TvNidhi PackNo
KIXKIX and Thrill Pack/Supreme Box Office ComboNo
Life Inspired (HD)Basic Lifestyle GroupYes
Life OKManoranjan-ComboNo
The Lifestyle NetworkTFC PackYes
Lifetime ChannelBasic Entertainment Group HDYes
MaxToonFree To AirYes
MNC ChannelMNC Indonesian Pack
International free-to-air and then International free-to-view
MNC DramaMNC Indonesian PackYes
MNC InfotainmentMNC Indonesian PackYes
MTV AsiaBasic Entertainment GroupNo
MTV Live HDBasic Entertainment GroupNo
NBA TV HDSports PackNo
NDTV 24x7NDTV PackYes
NDTV Good TimesNDTV PackYes
NHK World PremiumAdd On ChannelNo
NHK World TVFreeview ChannelNo
Nat Geo People HDBasic Education GroupYes
Nat Geo Wild HDBasic Education GroupNo
National Grographic Channel HDBasic Education GroupYes
Nick Jr.Basic Kids GroupYes
Nickelodeon HDBasic Kids GroupYes
Now Baogu HDNow Baogu PackNo
Now HairunBasic Chinese Entertainment GroupYes
Now JelliChinese Entertainment GroupYes
ONE HDBasic Chinese Entertainment Group/Sensasi PackYes
Oh!KBasic Chinese Entertainment GroupYes
Phoenix Chinese Channel HDBasic Chinese Infotainment GroupNo
Phoenix InfoNews Channel HDBasic Chinese Infotainment GroupNo
Rishtey AsiaColors Pack/Manoranjan-ComboNo
RTFree To AirNo
SensasiSensasi PackYes
SETANTA Sports HDSports PackYes
Shenzhou News ChannelBasic Chinese Infotainment GroupNo
ShowcaseMNC Indonesian PackYes
Sky News HDBasic News GroupNo
Sony ChannelBasic Entertainment GroupYes
Sony Entertainment TelevisionAdd On Channel/Manoranjan-ComboYes
Sony MaxAdd On ChannelNo
Sports Illustrated TV HDSports PackYes
STAR Chinese ChannelBasic Chinese Entertainment GroupNo
STAR Chinese Movies HDSTAR Chinese Movies PackNo
STAR Chinese Movies LegendSTAR Chinese Movies PackYes
STAR GoldSTAR Hindi Music & Movies PackNo
Star PlusAdd On Channel/Manoranjan-ComboNo
STAR Cricket ExtraCricket PackYes
STAR Cricket HDCricket PackYes
STAR VijayAdd On Channel/ Thangam PackNo
Sun MusicSun TV Pack/Thangam PackNo
Sun TVSun TV Pack/Thangam PackNo
Supersports 1 HDSports PackYes
Supersports 2 HDSports PackYes
Supersports 3 HDSports PackYes
Supersports 4 HDSports PackYes
SuperSports ArenaFree-To-AirYes
Surya TVNidhi PackNo
TEN CricketCricket PackYes
TLC HDBasic Education GroupYes
truTVBasic Lifestyle GroupNo
TV5Monde AsieAdd On ChannelYes
TVB ClassicBasic Chinese Entertainment GroupNo
TVB Jade Asia HDBasic Chinese Infotainment GroupYes
TVB Xing HeBasic Chinese Entertainment GroupNo
TVBBasic Chinese Entertainment GroupNo
TVBS AsiaBasic Chinese Infotainment GroupNo
TVBS-NEWSBasic Chinese Infotainment GroupYes
tvN HDBasic Chinese Entertainment Group/Sensasi PackNo
TVRI NasionalInternational free-to-air and then International free-to-view
Indonesia free-to-air and then Indonesia free-to-view
The Filipino ChannelTFC PackYes
ThrillKIX and Thrill Pack/Supreme Box Office ComboNo
ToonamiBasic Kids GroupYes
Travel ChannelBasic Lifestyle GroupYes
Turner Classic MoviesBasic Lifestyle GroupNo
V ThamizhAdd On Channel/ Thangam PackYes
VV DramaBasic Chinese Entertainment GroupYes
VannathiraiAdd On Channel/ Thangam PackYes
WakuWaku JapanBasic Chinese Entertainment GroupYes
Warner TV Asia HDBasic Entertainment GroupYes
Zee CinemaAdd On ChannelYes
Zee NewsZee Pack/Manoranjan-ComboNo
Zee TVZee Pack/Manoranjan-ComboYes
Zee TV HDManoranjan-ComboNo
Zee TamizhAdd On Channel/ Thangam PackNo
ZoomooBasic Kids GroupYes

TV Anywhere

StarHub launched TV Anywhere currently consisting of 80 channels to allow viewing of channels on the go.[14]

StarHub GO

On 12 August 2015, an app allowing viewers to stream various programmes and movies on the go via their smartphone devices and computers named StarHub GO, was launched.[15]

Services and features

Current services

ServiceDigitalHubStationHD InteractiveHubStation HDRemarks
Playin'TV/FunZoneCeased services on 15 February 2012.
Demand TV
Smart TVTelevision Recording Features
Free SurfLite 1000Download: 1 Mbit/s; Upload: 256kbit/s
Ceased services on 19 September 2014
Digital Voice ServiceRequires Integrated Access Device (IAD)
Start OverRewind to start of programme
Live TVRewind television programmes up to 30 minutes of broadcast (previously 2 hours)
Blue Button Subscription
Channel FinderAdded on 30 April 2010

Models, Connection types and Prices of Set-top Boxes


  • Analogue [Model: IDPBB, CT-1900] - Obsolete; ceased operation on 30 June 2009
  • Digital [Model: ABQ-1H57-SCV, DCI155HB, SCV-2110C] - currently operational
  • HubStation (DVR/Smart TV) [Model: DCI62SHB] - currently operational


  • HD Interactive Set-top Box (HD) [Model: SCV-3800C, CISCO 4586DVB] - Main box w/GST: S$6.42/month, if used as additional box w/GST: S$14.98/month; Inputs: Component/Digital Audio (SPDIF)/HDMI
  • HubStation HD (HD DVR/Smart TV) [Model: DC182SHB] - Main box w/GST: $14.98/month, if used as additional box w/GST: S$23.54/month; Inputs: Component/Digital Audio (SPDIF)/HDMI

A complimentary 1Mbit/s Internet Connection is provided for HubStation/HubStation HD set-top boxes.

The first set-top boxes were produced by Jerrold Communications from 1995 to 1998; after the Jerrold name went out of use, and following its subsequent acquisition by Motorola, the subsequent set-top boxes were produced by Motorola from 1998 to 2004. During that period, a second design was introduced, which is also seen in the commercial announcing the end of analogue cable transmission on 30 June 2009. The Digital, HD, Hubstation & Hubstation HD set-top boxes were made by Advanced Digital Broadcast and Thomson SA.

Smart Card

The smart card that StarHub TV provides are the Nagravision ones. It is given to all digital based set-top boxes. The digital, HD, Hubstation and Hubstation HD set-top boxes all use the same type of card. It is black on the top showing the StarHub's logo and name, and at the back, the card is white and has a golden chip that stores the subscriber's information and channels they subscribe to and there is a message saying, "do not remove the smart card from the set top box's slot to avoid service disruption".


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