Standing in Another Man's Grave

Standing in Another Man's Grave is the eighteenth instalment in the bestselling Inspector Rebus series of crime novels, published in 2012. The title of the book is a mondegreen, Rankin having misheard the Scottish singer songwriter Jackie Leven singing "Standing in Another Man's Rain", which mistake he gives to Rebus. Excerpts from Leven's songs appear with each division of the book.[1]

Standing in Another Man's Grave
First edition
AuthorIan Rankin
SeriesInspector Rebus
GenreDetective fiction
Publication date
Media typePrint
Preceded byExit Music 
Followed bySaints of the Shadow Bible 

Having been retired from the police for five years, Rebus continues to investigate as part of the cold cases unit.[2] The mother of a missing girl enlists his help in finding out what happened to her daughter, leading Rebus to uncover the truth about a series of seemingly unconnected disappearances stretching back to the millennium.[3]


Jake Kerridge, writing in The Telegraph, gave the novel four stars out of five and concurs with Alison Flood (The Guardian) that Detective Inspector Malcolm Fox, who was in the two novels before this one, is a poor character when up against Rebus, which he is frequently in this book.[4]

The Metro gave the book two stars out of five calling it "Mediocre at best" and noted that the door remains open for another Rebus novel; "Let's hope it's better than this one."[5] Similarly, John Dugdale, writing in The Sunday Times, said that "Rebus’s comeback novel is hence a bewildering mixture of good and bad, interlacing an impeccably crafted whodunnit."[6]


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