Standesamt Dziembowo

Standesamt Dziembowo was a civil registration district (Standesamt) located in Kreis Kolmar, province of Posen of the German Empire (1871-1918) and administered the communities of:

Community Polish name Type 1895 Pop Prot Cath Jew Civil Ofc Police Ofc Court Ofc Cath. Ch Prot. Ch Notes More
Dziembowo Estate 414 286 128 Dzi Usc Sch Mor Dzi
Dziembowo Village 541 39 499 3 Dzi Usc Sch Mor Dzi
Byschke Estate 84 14 70 Dzi Usc Sch Usc Dzi
Byschke Village 216 4 212 Dzi Usc Sch Usc Dzi
Erpel Village 476 284 192 Dzi Sch Sch Schm Fri
Liebenthal (Erpel) Estate 105 43 62 Dzi Usc Sch Mor Fri
Morzewo Village 829 4 819 6 Dzi Usc Sch Mor Fri

Dzi = Dziembowo; Fri = Friedheim, Kr Wirsitz; Mor = Morzewo; Sch = Schneidemühl; Usc = Usch

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