Staller Saddle

Staller Saddle (German: Staller Sattel; Italian: Passo Stalle), at 2,052 m (6,732 ft), is a high mountain pass in the High Tauern range of the Central Eastern Alps, connecting the Defereggen Valley in East Tyrol with the Antholz Valley in South Tyrol. The pass forms the border between Austria and Italy, it separates the Villgraten Mountains in the southeast from the Rieserferner Group in the northwest.

Staller Saddle
Staller Saddle (on the right) with Obersee lake and Villgraten Mountains, seen from Mt. Almerhorn
Elevation2,052 m (6,732 ft)
LocationAustriaItaly border
RangeCentral Eastern Alps
Coordinates46°53′17″N 12°12′2″E
Staller Sattel
Location of Staller Sattel

The pass road is open only from May to October from 5:30 am to 22:15 and prohibited for trailers and caravans. On the Italian side it is very narrow, at points only one way, with traffic lights regulating the contraflow. Starting in 2007, a toll of 5 euros was planned for cars and motorcycles, the revenue to be split between Italy and Austria, but has not yet been implemented.

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