Stainton Camp

Stainton Camp is a military installation at Stainton, County Durham.

Stainton Camp
Stainton, County Durham
A former military building at Stainton Camp which has since been converted for industrial use
Stainton Camp
Location within County Durham
Coordinates54.555°N 1.888°W / 54.555; -1.888
Site information
OwnerMinistry of Defence
Operator British Army
Site history
In use1941-Present


The camp was built in 1941 during the Second World War[1] and served as part of the Battle School[1] before the school moved to Warminster in 1945.[2] Another section of the site was allocated as Blackbeck Prisoner of War Camp during the war.[3] After the war married quarters were built on that part of the site now known as Stainton Grove.[1] The camp went on to be used as a holding facility for units about to deploy on operations and, notably, the Green Howards prepared there for the Suez Crisis.[4] Most of the camp closed in 1972 but parts of it remain in use as a cadet training centre.[5]

Other military installations in the local area were Barford Camp (used as military accommodation into the 1960s[6] but now a motor sports racing track),[7] Deerbolt Camp (used as military accommodation into the 1960s,[8] decommissioned in the early 1970s and now HM Prison Deerbolt),[9] Humbleton Camp (also part of the Battle School during the Second World War,[10] decommissioned in 1960[11] and now a chalet development)[12] Streatlam Camp (used as military accommodation until 1970, when 6 Armoured Brigade returned to Germany,[13] and now demolished) and Westwick Camp (used as military accommodation into the late 1950s,[14] decommissioned in 1960[11] and now demolished).[15]


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