Staffordshire Senior Cup

The Staffordshire Senior Challenge Cup is a football cup tournament based in the county of Staffordshire in England first competed for in 1877–78. Organised by the Staffordshire Football Association, it is competed for by a mix of clubs from Staffordshire and the surrounding areas. Both professional and amateur clubs may enter. In the modern age however professional teams such as Stoke City and Port Vale, the main clubs in Staffordshire, usually field a reserve team as they place more prestige on their respective leagues and professional cup competitions. This has left the door open for non-league sides to have more success in the cup as it is classed as a bigger achievement for them to win it.

Staffordshire Senior Cup
Flag of Staffordshire
Current championsStafford Rangers (13th title)
Most successful club(s)Stoke City (19 titles)

In recent years the entries from clubs from neighbouring counties have virtually been phased out. Most County FAs now have their own separate Senior Cup competitions and this, coupled with the formation of the West Midlands county, has meant the entries for the Cup are quite low in some seasons. This has seen Market Drayton Town and Shifnal Town both enter since the turn of the millennium to make up the numbers, despite not being located in Staffordshire.

From the 2008–09 season the Staffordshire FA introduced a cut off point whereby teams lower than level 9 in the English football league system can not compete in the Senior Cup. Teams below the level of the North West Counties League Premier Division and Midland Football Alliance now compete in the sister competition the Staffordshire Senior Vase.

Stoke City are the most successful sides in the competition's history with 19 wins.

Historically the non-league side with the most wins is Stafford Rangers who have won the cup 11 times since the Second World War.

The most successful side from outside what is traditionally classed as Staffordshire are Kidderminster Harriers from Worcestershire, who won the competition 4 times in the 1980s. Worcester City and Redditch United have also won the competition from this county and Macclesfield Town and Northwich Victoria from neighbouring Cheshire


As of 2016–17 season[1]
1877–78Stoke (1)Talke Rangers
1878–79Stoke (2)Cobridge
1879–80Wednesbury Old Athletic (1)Aston Villa
1880–81Aston Villa (1)Walsall Swifts
1881–82Walsall Town (1)Walsall Swifts
1882–83West Bromwich Albion (1)Stoke
1883–84Birmingham St. George's (1)West Bromwich Albion
1884–85Walsall Town (2)Wolverhampton Wanderers
1885–86West Bromwich Albion (2)Stoke
1886–87West Bromwich Albion (3)Walsall Swifts
1887–88Wolverhampton Wanderers (1)West Bromwich Albion
1888–89West Bromwich Albion (4)Leek
1889–90Birmingham St. George's (2)Walsall Town Swifts
1890–91Aston Villa (2)Stoke
1891–92Burton Swifts (1)Aston Villa
1892–93Aston Villa (3)Walsall Town Swifts
1893–94Aston Villa (4)Wolverhampton Wanderers
1894–95Burton Wanderers (1)Wolverhampton Wanderers
1895–96Aston Villa (5)Stoke
1896–97Wolverhampton Wanderers (2)Stoke
1897–98Burslem Port Vale (1)West Bromwich Albion
1898–99Aston Villa (6)Walsall
1899-00West Bromwich Albion (5)Burslem Port Vale
1900–01Wolverhampton Wanderers (3)Stoke
1901–02West Bromwich Albion (6)Stoke
1902–03West Bromwich Albion (7)Stoke
1903–04Stoke (3) & Wolverhampton Wanderers (4) (Trophy shared)
1904–05Small Heath (1)Wolverhampton Wanderers
1905–06Aston Villa (7)Burton United
1906–07Aston Villa (8)West Bromwich Albion
1907–08Birmingham (2)West Bromwich Albion
1908–09Aston Villa (9)Birmingham
1909–10Aston Villa (10)West Bromwich Albion
1910–11Aston Villa (11)Walsall
1911–12Burslem Port Vale (2)Birmingham
1912–13Aston Villa (12)Birmingham
1913–14Stoke (4)Walsall
1914–15Birmingham (3)Aston Villa
1919–20Port Vale[2] (3)Birmingham
1920–21Stoke (5)Walsall
1921–22Wolverhampton Wanderers (4)Walsall
1922–23Walsall (2)Wolverhampton Wanderers
1923–24West Bromwich Albion (8)Stoke
1924–25Aston Villa (13)West Bromwich Albion
1925–26West Bromwich Albion (9)Stoke
1926–27Walsall (3)Birmingham
1927–28Aston Villa (14)Port Vale
1928–29Walsall (4)Aston Villa
1929–30Stoke City (6)Port Vale
1930–31Aston Villa (15)Walsall
1931–32West Bromwich Albion (10)Wolverhampton Wanderers
1932–33West Bromwich Albion (11)Aston Villa
1933–34Stoke City (7)Aston Villa
1934–35Wolverhampton Wanderers (5)Stoke City
1935–36Wolverhampton Wanderers (6)Stafford Rangers
1936–37Wolverhampton Wanderers (7)Birmingham
1937–38Wolverhampton Wanderers (8)West Bromwich Albion
1938–39Stoke City (8)Kidderminster Harriers
1946–47Port Vale (4)Stafford Rangers
1947–48Stoke City (9)Port Vale
1948–49Port Vale (5)Walsall
1949–50Wolverhampton Wanderers (9)Walsall
1950–51West Bromwich Albion (12)Wolverhampton Wanderers
1951–52Wolverhampton Wanderers (10)Stoke City
1952–53Port Vale (6)Walsall
1953–54Aston Villa (16)Stafford Rangers
1954–55Stafford Rangers (1)Leek Town
1955–56Burton Albion (1)Tamworth
1956–57Stafford Rangers (2)Bilston
1957–58Bilston (1)Stafford Rangers
1958–59Tamworth (1)Stafford Rangers
1959–60Bilston (2)Stafford Rangers
1960–61Bilston (3)Stafford Rangers
1961–62Bilston (4)Brierley Hill Alliance
1962–63Stafford Rangers (3)Bilston
1963–64Tamworth (2)Brierley Hill Alliance
1964–65Stoke City (10)Bilston
1965–66Tamworth (3)Walsall
1966–67Wolverhampton Wanderers (11)Tamworth
1967–68Walsall (5)Kidderminster Harriers
1968–69Stoke City (11) & West Bromwich Albion (13) (Trophy shared)
1969–70Hednesford Town (1)Kidderminster Harriers
1970–71Stoke City (12)Tamworth
1971–72Stafford Rangers (4)Stoke City
1972–73Stafford Rangers (5)Port Vale
1973–74Hednesford Town (2)Stoke City
1974–75Stoke City (13)Armitage
1975–76Stoke City (14)Stafford Rangers
1976–77Worcester City (1)Burton Albion
1977–78Stafford Rangers (6)Kidderminster Harriers
1978–79Northwich Victoria (1)Kidderminster Harriers
1979–80Northwich Victoria (2)Leek Town
1980–81Kidderminster Harriers (1)Stoke City
1981–82Stoke City (15)Leek Town
1982–83Kidderminster Harriers (2)Willenhall Town
1983–84Kidderminster Harriers (3)Halesowen Town
1984–85Kidderminster Harriers (4)Leek Town
1985–86Eastwood Hanley (1)Bilston
1986–87Stafford Rangers (7)Northwich Victoria
1987–88Oldbury United (1)Stafford Rangers
1988–89Halesowen Town (1)Sutton Coldfield Town
1989–90Northwich Victoria (3)Macclesfield Town
1990–91Redditch United (1)Northwich Victoria
1991–92Stafford Rangers (8)Chasetown
1992–93Stoke City (16)Hednesford Town
1993–94Macclesfield Town (1)Wednesfield Social
1994–95Stoke City (17)Paget Rangers
1995–96Leek Town (1)Newcastle Town
1996–97Macclesfield Town (2)Bilston Town
1997–98Bilston Town (5)Tamworth
1998–99Stoke City (18)Leek Town
1999–2000Blakenall (1)Tamworth
2000–01Port Vale (7)Rocester
2001–02Tamworth (4)Newcastle Town
2002–03Stafford Rangers (9)Stoke City
2003–04Kidsgrove Athletic (1)Stafford Rangers
2004–05Stafford Rangers (10)Leek Town
2005–06Rushall Olympic (1)Stoke City
2006–07Kidsgrove Athletic (2)Rushall Olympic
2007–08Rocester (1)Kidsgrove Athletic
2008–09Kidsgrove Athletic (3)Stafford Rangers
2009–10Newcastle Town (1)Port Vale
2010–11Kidsgrove Athletic (4)Stoke City
2011–12Kidsgrove Athletic (5)Rushall Olympic
2012–13Hednesford Town (3)Rushall Olympic
2013–14Rushall Olympic (2)Port Vale
2014–15Stafford Rangers (11)Leek Town
2015–16Rushall Olympic (3)Kidsgrove Athletic
2016–17Stoke City (19)Chasetown
2017–18Stafford Rangers (12)Hednesford Town
2018-19Stafford Rangers (13)Rushall Olympic

Results by team

Armitage Town01
Aston Villa166
Bilston Town55
Birmingham City36
Birmingham St. George20
Brierley Hill Alliance01
Burton Albion11
Burton United21
Eastwood Hanley10
Halesowen Town11
Hednesford Town32
Kidderminster Harriers45
Kidsgrove Athletic52
Leek Town17
Macclesfield Town21
Newcastle Town12
Northwich Victoria32
Oldbury United10
Paget Rangers01
Port Vale77
Redditch United10
Rushall Olympic34
Stafford Rangers1311
Stoke City1918
Sutton Coldfield Town01
Talke Rangers01
Wednesbury Old Athletic10
Wednesfield Social01
West Bromwich Albion138
Willenhall Town01
Wolverhampton Wanderers126
Worcester City10


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