Staatstheater Stuttgart

The Staatstheater Stuttgart (Stuttgart State Theatre) is a multi-branch-theatre with the branches Oper Stuttgart (Opera Stuttgart), Stuttgarter Ballett (Stuttgart Ballet), and Schauspiel Stuttgart (Stuttgart Drama Theatre) in Stuttgart, Germany. The state that its name refers to is Baden-Württemberg.


Designed by the noted Munich architect, Max Littmann, who won a competition to create new royal theatres, the building was constructed between 1909 and 1912 as the Königliche Hoftheater, royal theatres of the Kingdom of Württemberg with a Grosses Haus and a Kleines Haus.

In 1919 the theatres were renamed the Landestheater, and later, the Staatstheater. The 'house' for drama theatre ("Kleines Haus") was destroyed by bombing during the World War II and, today, the site is occupied by a new Kleines Haus designed by Hans Volkart, which opened in 1962.

The Opera House ("Grosses Haus") is one of only a few German opera houses to survive the bombing of World War II. Between 1982 and 1984, extensive work restored the venue to its original condition and it now seats 1,404. In 2001 the theatre buildings were renamed Opernhaus and Schauspielhaus.

Intendanten (general directors)

Walter Erich Schäfer was managing director from 1949 to 1972.

As of 2015, collectively responsible for the Staatstheater Stuttgart are three general directors Jossi Wieler (Oper Stuttgart), Reid Anderson (Stuttgart Ballet) and Armin Petras (Schauspiel Stuttgart), and the managing director Marc-Oliver Hendriks. General directors, especially artistic directors of operas or drama theatres, are called “Intendant” in Germany.

Reid Anderson (born 1949) is a Canadian dancer and became director of the ballet in 1996/1997.

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