St John Street, Launceston

St John Street is a main north-south street located in the city of Launceston, Tasmania. St John Street starts at the Esplanade (former Queens Wharf) and runs roughly SSE for 1.8 km to where it terminates on Howick Street on the border with South Launceston. St John Street serves as one of two 'high streets' in the city and runs past many of the city's most iconic and important buildings. The street is notably broken twice in its southernmost length between Frankland and Howick Street where the street runs over a ridge whereby the terrain was too steep for vehicular traffic to use safely resulting in portions of the street being utilized as pedestrian only reserves and only accessible to vehicles via French Street.

St John Street

View of St John Street looking south from between Cimitier and William Streets
St John Street
General information

Important landmarks

St John Street runs past many of Launceston's most iconic and historically significant buildings and landmarks including:

  • Commissariat Store
  • Cornwall Square Transit Center
  • City Hall
  • Telstra Exchange
  • Post Office
  • Civic Square
  • St Andrew's Kirk
  • Public Chambers
  • Myers Building (former Cox Bros Department Store)
  • Former Mercury Building
  • Quadrant Mall
  • Crabtree's Chambers
  • Launceston Synagogue
  • Prince's Square
  • St John's Church and rectory
  • Chalmers Church and Hall
  • Nelumie House

Major intersections

  • Esplanade
  • Cimitier Street
  • Cameron Street
  • Patterson Street
  • Brisbane Street
  • York Street
  • Elizabeth Street
  • Frederick Street
  • Canning Street
  • Balfour Street
  • Frankland Street
  • French Street
  • Howick Street

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