St. Teresa's High School, Charni Road

St Teresa's High School is a government, co-educational day school, located at Charni Road in Mumbai, India. The institution was established in 1924.

St Teresa's High School
St. Teresa's School Main Building
315 New Charni Road, Girgoan Road

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Coordinates18°57′10″N 72°49′09″E
TypeGovernment School
Religious affiliation(s)Christianity
School boardMaharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education
PrincipalRamona Lewis
GradesKindergarten – 10th
Average class size58
Classes offeredJr KG to 10th
LanguageEnglish (UK)
Hours in school day5
Campus typeUrban
Houses     Nehru      Gandhi      Tilak      Tagore
SongWonderful words beautiful words
AffiliationArchdiocesan Board of Education

The school caters to pupils from kindergarten up to class 10 and the medium of instruction is English. The school is affiliated to the Archdiocesan Board of Education, Mumbai, which conducts the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education examinations at the close of class 10.

Campus site and layout

The school building is divided into three buildings. The school has three playgrounds - A Mud ground, Stone Mud ground and the quadrant. The main school building has three floors. The ground floor comprises - the classrooms of Jr K.G,Sr K.G and Std. I, the assembly hall, the school church, the school office, computer lab, the A.V room and the Principal's office. The first floor includes - the classrooms for standard II, III and IV, the Std. X B along with the laboratories. The second floor has the classrooms for Standard VIII, IX and X A along with the supervisor's office, the school library, the school staff room and the Principal's Quarter. The third floor has the classrooms for Standards V, VI and VII.

Admissions and curriculum


The admission notice for Junior kindergarten is put up in January. During the admission procedure, preference is given to Catholics and siblings of former students.


The school follows the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education syllabus. English is the medium of instruction. Hindi is taught as a second language. Marathi, the regional language is taught as a third language.

The academic year which commences in June and concludes in April consists of two terms. The first term is from June till November and the second term is from November till April. Tests are conducted periodically and examinations are held at the end of every term. The courses of studies extend from kindergarten to class 10, at the end of which students appear for the SSC Examinations. The school's students have consistently performed well at the SSC examinations and the school has maintained a 100% pass-rate.

Extracurricular activities

Emphasis is placed on extracurricular activities. Inter-house debates, elocution, dramatics and sporting competitions are also a part of the cultural lives of the older students. The school also takes part in Science Exhibitions and quizzes conducted.

House system

The objective of the house system is to foster a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity amongst students. The house system also serves as the centre of school life, with students from different houses often competing at sports and other co-curricular activities.

     Nehru      Gandhi      Tilak      Tagore.


Std. I-VII boys will wear white short sleeved shirts and beige short pants. Std. VIII-X boys wear beige long pants. Girls wear beige six piece skirt, with white blouse. Ties and T-shirts are supplied in school. Navy Blue canvas shoes on PT days and black leather shoes for regular school wear.

The St Teresa's Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A)

It aims at fostering cordial and friendly relations between the members of the staff and the parents of the students so that there is better understanding and co-operation between the Home and the school. All parents are expected to join the association.

Students Council

The Head boy and Head girl are selected by the teachers from Std. X. The assistant Head boy and the assistant Head girl are selected by the teachers from Std. IX. Additionally four house captains for each house are selected. The captains are selected from Std. IX and the vice captains are selected from Std. VIII.

List of scholarships

For all-round

  • The Sr. Cynthia Fernandes Scholarship for the best all round student -studies/activities/character(Std. X).
  • The Msgr. Eustance D'lima Scholarship for the deserving hardworking student of Std. X.
  • The Fr. Gerald Fernandes Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee Scholarship for the best all round student in studies/activities/character of Std.IX.

For Academics

  • The Miss Elizabeth Rowe Scholarship for a catholic student securing a first class and the highest among the Catholic students the S.S.C Board Exam.
  • The Rita Misquita Scholarship for the highest in English in Std. X(S.S.C Exam).
  • The Yvette D'Sylva Scholarship for the highest marks in the S.S.C Examination.
  • The Ex-student Scholarship for Gen. Proficiency in Std. IX.
  • The Ex-student Scholarship for Gen. Proficiency in Std. VIII.
  • The Yvette Desa Scholarship for Gen. Proficiency in Std. VII.
  • The Cherylann Scholarship for Gen. Proficiency in Std. VI.
  • The Motiram Jaykar Scholarship for Gen. Proficiency in Std. V.
  • The Shridhar Vasant Nawathe Scholarship for Maths/Science in Std. V.
  • The Mr. and Mrs. Mathew V.D'Souza Scholarship to the student securing the highest in Mathematics in Std. IX.
  • The Fr. Roque Pereira Scholarship for a deserving Catholic student of Std. VIII who has secured 60% in the final exam.
  • The Isabel Fernandes Scholarship for a Catholic student securing the highest in Social Studies at the SSC Board Exam.


St. Teresa's is a cosmopolitan school. The school imparts Christian values to the children. The Christmas Concert is celebrated every December. A sports meet and a farewell party for students who are passing out of the institution are also held annually. The school stands for academic excellence, development of skills and character formation based on love of God and service of man as modeled on the person of Jesus Christ.

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