St. Louis GateKeepers

The St. Louis GateKeepers are an all-men's flat-track roller derby team based in St. Louis, Missouri. It was founded in November 2009 by Magnum, p.i.m.p. (Scott Meyer), a referee for the Arch Rival Rollergirls, and Bat Wing (Evan Jones).[1] Since then, the league has grown to support two touring travel teams (the main travel team and the B-Keepers, the travelling B-team) and three local teams: The Creve Coroners, The Central West Friends, and the Raiders of Forest Park.[2]

St. Louis GateKeepers
Metro areaSt. Louis, Missouri
CountryUnited States
FoundedNovember 2009
TeamsGateKeepers Travel Team
Creve Coroners
Central West Friends
Raiders of Forest Park
Track type(s)Flat
AffiliationsMRDA (Men's Roller Derby Association)
Org. typeskater-owned


The St. Louis GateKeepers were conceived by Scott Meyer (who skates under the name Magnum p.i.m.p.) and Evan Jones (Bat Wing) on the way from a men's roller derby bout in Sioux City. Together, they started the GateKeepers in November 2009. Since then, the league has grown from starting with only a few players to a roster that includes over 40 skaters.[3] The GateKeepers won the Men's Roller Derby Association World Championship in 2015.

Spring Roll 2011

The St. Louis GateKeepers received considerable attention for their performance at the 2011 Spring Roll tournament hosted in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Despite being a relatively young team, the GateKeepers were undefeated in the tournament. Notably, the GateKeepers beat the high-ranking Puget Sound Outcasts and broke the 24-game winning streak of the previously undefeated New York Shock Exchange.[4]

Local League Structure

The St. Louis GateKeepers consists of three local teams, each named after a St. Louis neighborhood. The teams are The South Grand Slammers, The Riverfront Crimes, and the Dogtown Rockets, and are named after the South Grand Avenue district, the Riverfront area, and Dogtown, respectively. The teams practice together at regular practices, but bout against each other in a series of matches deemed 'Turf Wars', culminating in a yearly championship.[5] The league is entirely skater-run, with the players helping to run the teams, referee the local bouts and pay for rink time.[6]

2011 Schedule

Intraleague Schedule

March 26 - South Grand Slammers vs. Riverfront Crimes
April 16 - Dogtown Red Rockets vs. South Grand Slammers
May 21 - Riverfront Crimes vs. Dogtown Red Rockets
June 18 - South Grand Slammers vs. Riverfront Crimes
July 23 - Dogtown Red Rockets vs. South Grand Slammers
Aug 20th - Riverfront Crimes vs. Dogtown Red Rockets
Sept 17th - Turf War Championship

Interleague Travel Team Schedule

Date St. Louis GateKeepers vs. Location St. Louis GateKeepers Opposing Team
02/05/11 Race City Rebels Indianapolis, IN 213 63
05/14/11 Puget Sound Outcast Ft. Wayne, IN (Spring Roll Tournament) 201 78
05/15/11 Harm City Homicide Ft. Wayne, IN (Spring Roll Tournament) 261 56
05/15/11 New York Shock Exchange Ft. Wayne, IN (Spring Roll Tournament) 158 138
05/29/11 Ozarks Derby Brigade* Springfield, MO 348 35
06/11/11 Twin Cites Terrors St. Louis, MO 207 43
07/09/11 Ozarks Derby Brigade* St. Peters, MO 272 71
08/27/11 Des Moines Des Moines, IA 159 116
10/22/11 Puget Sound Outcast New York, NY (MRDA Championship) 106 127
10/22/11 Magic City Misfits New York, NY (MRDA Championship) 145 170

* B-Keepers Game

2010 Season Interleague Stats

Date St. Louis GateKeepers vs. Location St. Louis GateKeepers Opposing Team
03/20/2010 Race City Rebels St. Louis, MO 125 17
05/08/2010 Twin City Terrors Fort Wayne, IN 49 35
05/08/2010 Dallas Deception Fort Wayne, IN 43 40
05/08/2010 Puget Sound Outcast Fort Wayne, IN 120 121
06/12/2010 Race City Rebels Indianapolis, IN 226 68
08/21/2010 Twin City Terrors Lakeville, MN 144 93
09/26/2010 Magic City Misfits Fayetteville, AR 170 143
02/05/2011 Race City Rebels Indianapolis, IN 213 63



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