Sri Lanka Railways S9

Class S9 is a type of diesel multiple unit train operated by Sri Lanka's state run rail operator Sri Lanka Railways.[2]

Sri Lanka Railways Class S9
Two S9 DMUs Parked At A Station
ManufacturerSifang, China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation
Entered service2000
Number built15
Formation1x SBC, 1x SBD, 4x TC
Fleet numbers849 ~ 863
Operator(s)Sri Lanka Railways
Depot(s)Electrical Power Coaches Shed, Maradana
Car length65 ft (19.81 m)[1]
Maximum speed100 km/h (62 mph)[1]
Weight73 t (72 long tons; 80 short tons) Engine Compartment Only
Prime mover(s)MTU 12V396TC14[1]
Engine typeV12
Power output1,580 hp (1,180 kW)
AAR wheel arrangementB-B
Braking system(s)compressed Air, Dynamic
Coupling systemAutomatic (dual)
Multiple workingYes
Track gauge1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)


S9 DMU was introduced to Sri Lanka in year 2000. This was built by China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation and this was the first Diesel-Electric multiple unit to run on Sri Lanka rail.[1]


One S9 train-set consists of four Third Class(TC) passenger carriages, 1 Driving Trailer and one Power car with passenger seating. Length of a one car is 65 feet (19.81 m). So this one is also capable of higher passenger capacity.


These DMUs are operated on Sri Lanka's Main Line (Up to Rambukkana), Coastal Line, Puttlam Line and Northern Line and not operated in Kelani Valley Line.[3]

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