Sri Lanka Railways S5

The Sri Lanka Railways Class S5 is a diesel multiple unit (DMU) built by Hitachi and introduced to Sri Lanka between 1969 and 1970, only two of which were imported. The class was built with modern interior facilities aiming towards the special train tours market.

Sri Lanka Railways S5
Class S5 engine 718 attached to a set of S5 carriages at Hikkaduwa, December 1980
In service1969-present[1]
Number built2
Formation2 engine compartments + 3 passenger cars
Fleet numbers717 & 720
Operator(s)Sri Lanka Railways, Airport & Aviation Services Limited
Depot(s)Hydraulic Locomotive Shed, Maradana
Car length16.67 m (54 ft 8 14 in)
DoorsAutomatic (Operated By Vacuum)
Maximum speed80 km/h (50 mph)
Weight63 t (62 long tons; 69 short tons) per power car
Prime mover(s)FED/Paxman 8YJXL-V71[1]
Engine typePaxman
Power output900 hp (670 kW)
Track gauge1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)


A one-train set consists of 2 power cars (including the engine) and 3 passenger cars. Previous classes of DMUs in Sri Lanka had only one power car; with their extra capacity, ClassS5s can operate on upcountry main lines. Total passenger capacity of this DMU is 100.[1]


The train comprises a buffet car and a kitchen; all passenger cars were air conditioned. There was also an automatic door system which was later removed. There was an interior communication system.[1]


This class can be operated in any railway line in Sri Lanka except Kelani Valley Line. This was only used for chartered services and has performed in upcountry line several times.[1]


In 1970 due to an accident engine of No. 720 power car was destroyed. This 717-720 train-set were later refurbished with only one engine per train.[1]

Acquisition By Airport & Aviation Services Limited

One S5 DMU (718-719) was chartered by Sri Lanka Airport & Aviation Services Limited and this was repainted in light blue and dark blue livery. The new painted S5's inaugural run was for IIFA Awards guests to Colombo Fort from Katunayake.[1]

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