Sri Lanka Railways S13

Sri Lanka Railways Ordered 6 DEMUs from ICF in 2017.[1] The first set of the order was imported in December 2018. One DEMU contains 2 driving cars, 2 driving tailors, 2 Air-conditioned coaches, 2 business class coaches, and 5 Economic class coaches. The rest of the order will arrive in November 2019.[2][3][4]

Sri Lanka Railways Class S13
S13 959 Powerset
Built atChennai, India
Constructed2018 - 2019
Number built6 trainsets
Formation13 cars per trainset (2 DPC with EC + 5 EC + 2 BC + 2 AC + 2 DTC with EC (DPC - Driving power coach, TC - Trailer Coach, DTC - Driving trailer coach EC - Economy Class Coaches, BC - Business Class Coaches, AC - Air Conditioned Coaches))
Operator(s)Sri Lanka Railways
Car body constructionManufactured In Stainless steel
Power outputHorse Power 1800
Track gauge5 ft 6 in (1,676 mm)


Each S13 powerset contains 13 coaches and powered by 2 diesel-electric locomotives which has a 3 Phase AC transmission system. Each locomotive generates 1800 horsepower. The body of the set was fabricated by Non-Corrosive Stainless steel. The maximum speed is 120 km/h. The length of a car is 20 meters. The body and internal fittings were fabricated by non-corrosive stainless steel and special paint applied to provide corrosive resistance when operating in coastal areas of Sri Lanka. The S13 powersets include GPS based passenger information systems with LED lighting and LCD screens, digital displays, adjustable seats, alarm systems and fire detection.[5]


Each set contains 2 driving cars with Economy class, 2 driving tailers with Economy class, 2 cars of Air condition class(1st class), 2 cars of Business class (second class), 5 cars of Economic class (3rd class) . The Air-conditioned car contains 52 seats, Business class car contain 64 seats, and Economical class contains 94 seats. The driving tailor has 60 Economical class seats.

Current Operations

Northern line

Uttara Devi-:Colombo Fort-Anuradapura-Jaffna-Kankesanturai

Sri Devi-:Colombo Fort-Anuradhapura-Jaffna-Kankesanthurai

Batticlo Line

Pulathisi Intercity Express:-Colombo Fort-Polonnaruwa

Coastal Line

Galu Kumari-:Maradana-Galle-Matara-Beliatta Dakshina Intercity Express -:Maradana-Galle-Matara-Beliatta


Passengers are allowed to book their tickets within a month before the journey to travel in 1st class and 2nd class coaches in Uttara Devi train. In galu kumari train reservations are allowed only in 1st class coaches


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