Sri Lanka Railways M9

The Sri Lankan Railways M9 locomotive is a mainline 6 axle Co'Co' diesel electric locomotive built by Alstom (manufacturers code AD 32C) and imported in 2000 for the Sri Lanka Railways.

M9 No. 864
Type and origin
Power typeDiesel
ModelAD 32C
Build date2000
Total produced10
Gauge1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)[1]
Minimum curve100 m (109 yd 1 ft)[1]
Loco weight100.56 t (98.97 long tons; 110.85 short tons)[1]
Fuel capacity5,000 L (1,100 imp gal; 1,300 US gal)[1]
Sandbox cap.480 L (110 imp gal; 130 US gal)[1]
Prime moverRuston 12 RK 215T engine[1]
Engine typeV12, 4 stroke diesel
Performance figures
Maximum speed110 km/h (68 mph)[1]
Power output3,200 hp (2,400 kW) @1000rpm [1]
Numbers864 to 873[2]
Official nameClass M9
LocaleSri Lanka
Current ownerSri Lanka Railways

The locomotives initially had both electrical and mechanical problems, and several were out of service for several years. In 2010 the process of returning the fleet to service began.


Ten units were ordered in 1997 and delivered in 2000, costing 190 million Sri Lankan rupees each. By 2010 only 3 were in operation due to technical problems,[1] Various problems were described including engine malfunction, and problems with the engine control units,[3] as well as the machines requiring modifications for use on curving track.[4]

The delay in returning the locomotives to service was ascribed to an unaffordability of spare parts,[3][5] and prohibitive cost of work by foreign firms.[4]

The first of the 7 inoperative locomotives, number 869, was returned to service after 6 years in September 2010, following work by the Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies (ACCIMT) and the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI).[3][6]


M9s were not allowed on line above Nawalapitiya, Kelani Valley Line and Matale line.[7]

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