Sports magazine

A sports magazine is usually a weekly, biweekly or monthly, magazine featuring articles or segments on sports. Some may be published a specific number of times per year.

Major sports magazines in print include:

Major sports magazines (incomplete)
Sports magazineSport/sFrequencyPussio
11 FreundeAssociation footballmonthly Germany
AutosportMotorsportweekly United Kingdom
Baseball AmericaBaseballbi-weekly United States
Baseball DigestBaseball8 times a year United States
Basketball TimesBasketballmonthly United States
Boxing MonthlyBoxingmonthly United Kingdom
Boxing NewsBoxingweekly United Kingdom
Dime MagazineBasketball10 times a year United States
ESPN The MagazineGeneral sportsbi-weekly United States
Fight! MagazineMMAmonthly United States
FourFourTwoAssociation footballmonthly United Kingdom
France FootballAssociation footballbi-weekly France
Golf MagazineGolfmonthly United States
The Hockey NewsIce hockeyweekly Canada
HoopBasketballbi-monthly United States
KickerAssociation footballbi-weekly Germany
LacrosseLacrossemonthly United States
MatchAssociation footballweekly United Kingdom
Pro Football WeeklyAmerican Football (NFL)weekly United States
Pro Wrestling IllustratedProfessional wrestlingmonthly United States
The RingBoxingmonthly United States
RacerMotorsport8 times a year United States
Rugby League WeekRugby leagueweekly Australia
SidewalkSkateboardingmonthly United Kingdom
The Skateboard MagSkateboardingmonthly United States
SLAMBasketball9 times per year United States
Soccer AmericaAssociation footballmonthly United States
Sporting NewsGeneral sportsbi-weekly United States
Sports IllustratedGeneral sportsweekly United States
Sports WeeklyBaseball / NFL / NASCARweekly United States
SportsEvents MagazineGeneral sportsmonthly United States
TennisTennis8 times a year United States
Transworld SkateboardingSkateboarding14 times a year United States
World SoccerAssociation footballmonthly United Kingdom

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