Sport Bild

Sport Bild is a German weekly sports magazine published in Hamburg, Germany.

Sport Bild
CategoriesSports magazine
Circulation421,200 (2012)
Year founded1988 (1988)
CompanyAxel Springer AG
Based inHamburg

History and profile

Sport Bild was established in 1988.[1] It is published weekly[2] every Wednesday. The magazine has its headquarters in Hamburg[1][3] and is published by Axel Springer AG.[4] The magazine covers news about all types of sport, but its major focus is on football.[5]

In 2001 Sport Bild had a circulation of 512,000 copies.[4] The circulation of magazine was 437,516 copies in 2010.[2] Its average circulation was 421,200 copies in 2012 in Germany.[6]

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