Spook Busters

Spook Busters is a 1946 film directed by William Beaudine and starring the comedy team of The Bowery Boys. It is the fourth film in the series of forty eight.[1]

Spook Busters
Theatrical poster
Directed byWilliam Beaudine
Produced byJan Grippo
Written byEdmond Seward
Tim Ryan
StarringLeo Gorcey
Huntz Hall
Bobby Jordan
William Benedict
Gabriel Dell
Music byEdward J. Kay
CinematographyHarry Neumann
Edited byWilliam Austin
Distributed byMonogram Pictures
Release date
  • August 24, 1946 (1946-08-24)
Running time
68 minutes


All of the boys have just graduated from school where they learned exterminating, except for Sach who flunked out. They set up their new business in a corner of Louie's Sweet Shop and quickly get a job to remove ghosts from an old abandoned mansion. Upon arrival they discover weird events taking place, such as lights turning on when a match is lit, and a disappearing organ. Soon they discover that these events are not the actions of ghosts, but of a mad scientist who is conducting illegal experiments in the basement.

Upon encountering the scientist, Sach quickly becomes part of the experiment when the scientist wants to take part of his brain out and put it into a gorilla. A fight ensues and, after the cops arrive and apprehend the criminals, the boys find themselves at the police station telling the story of what happened. Louie then calls them and tells Slip that the mouse in his store "had puppies" and the boys quickly leave the police station to go to their next job.


The Bowery Boys

Remaining cast


Gabriel Dell makes his first appearance of the series, playing an old member of the gang who just returned from a stint in the Navy and newly married to a French woman.

The film was made under the working title Ghost Busters.[2]

Home media

Released on VHS by Warner Brothers on September 1, 1998.

Warner Archives released the film on made-to-order DVD in the United States as part of "The Bowery Boys, Volume Two" on April 9, 2013.

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