Sparta Warriors

Ishockeyklubben Sparta Sarpsborg, commonly referred to as the Sparta Warriors, is a Norwegian ice hockey team based in Sarpsborg, Norway. They currently play in the GET League. They play their home games in the Sparta Amfi arena and is Norways oldest icehockey rink. The team colours are blue and white.

Sparta Warriors
CitySarpsborg, Norway
Founded1928 (1928)
Home arenaSparta Amfi
ColorsBlue and white
Head coachSjur Robert Nilsen
CaptainNiklas Roest
AffiliatesComet Halden (1. div)
Regular season titles4
Playoff championships1984, 1989, 2011


The ice hockey department of IL Sparta was founded in 1958, and got off to a fantastic start when Norway's first indoor hockey arena Sparta Amfi was opened in 1963. Within only three years, they earned promotion to the first division as the first team outside Oslo. It was only to be a short stint, and through most part of the late 1960s and 1970s, Sparta spent their time in the second division, with the odd visit to the top flight.

The 1980s was to be Sparta's greatest decade. Under the leadership of coach Lasse Bäckman and strengthened by several strong signings from other Norwegian clubs, and a couple of Swedish stars, they claimed the Norwegian Championships in 1984. The feat was repeated in 1989, when the club beat heavily favoured Trondheim in the final after claiming the last playoff spot in the last rounds of the league.

The success proved costly for the club, and in 1995, after years of economical problems, Sparta had to file for bankruptcy, the only sports club in Norway ever to do so. This meant that they had to start from scratch in the third division, and they lost their best players to other clubs in Norway. However, many of them came back to Sparta. They made the stay a short one, and in 1997 they were back in the Eliteserien, where they have remained since.

As of December 2007, Sparta once again assumed the top of the league table, closer to winning a title in Norwegian hockey, since the 1980s.

In the 2008/09 season, the team won the league and won silver in the Norwegian Championship after being defeated by Vålerenga.

Season-by-season results

This is a partial list of the last five seasons completed by the Sparta Warriors. For the full season-by-season history, see List of Sparta Warriors seasons.

Norwegian Champions Regular Season Champions Promoted Relegated
Season League Regular season[1] Playoffs
2013–14 Eliteserien 45 23 16 3 3 136 104 78 4th Lost in Quarter-finals, 1–4 (Storhamar)
2014–15 Eliteserien 45 26 14 0 5 176 122 83 3rd Lost in Semi-finals, 1–4 (Storhamar)
2015–16 Eliteserien 45 24 12 5 4 172 138 86 4th Lost in Quarter-finals, 2–4 (Storhamar)
2016–17 Eliteserien 45 18 20 1 6 128 111 62 8th Lost in Semi-finals, 0–4 (Stavanger)
2017–18 Eliteserien 45 35 7 0 3 152 109 93 2nd Lost in Semi-finals, 0–4 (Lillehammer)

Current roster

Updated 1 December 2019[2][3]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
31 Sander René Berg G L 23 2019 Fredrikstad, Norway
89 Eirik Børresen W L 28 2019 Vang, Norway
23 Robin Dahse W L 27 2019 Malmö, Sweden
21 Martin Ellingsen F L 21 2019 Lillehammer, Norway
71 Trym Gran G L 18 2019 Sarpsborg, Norway
62 Martin Grönberg C/LW L 25 2018 Falun, Sweden
78 Anders Tangen Henriksen RW L 24 2019 Stavanger, Norway
51 Christopher Henriksen D L 34 2015 Oslo, Norway
11 Kristian Jakobsson W L 23 2019 Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
5 Niclas Jessesen D R 20 2016 Sarpsborg, Norway
85 Christoffer Karlsen RW R 21 2016 Sarpsborg, Norway
14 Henrik Knold C L 23 2014 Sarpsborg, Norway
9 Emil Martinsen Lilleberg D L 18 2018 Sarpsborg, Norway
34 Jens Kristian Lillegrend G L 22 2014 Sarpsborg, Norway
6 Jonas Meisingset D L 19 2016
20 Magnus Nilsen C R 25 2017 Sarpsborg, Norway
24 Mattias Nilsson D L 25 2019 Visby, Sweden
13 Håkon Løken Pettersen D L 21 2016 Fredrikstad, Norway
28 Niklas Roest LW L 33 2014 Oslo, Norway
95 Didrik Svendsen W L 24 2012 Sarpsborg, Norway
63 Mikkel Sørgaard C/D L 26 2018 Sarpsborg, Norway
22 Sander Thorsen C/RW R 19 2015 Sarpsborg, Norway
12 Victor Öhman C/RW L 24 2019 Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
4 Kristian Østby D L 23 2013 Sarpsborg, Norway
7 Trym Sjødahl Østby C L 18 2019

Records and statistics

Scoring leader statistics for regular season only. Matches played statistic includes playoff games.

  •      – current active player

Famous players


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