Spaghetti a mezzanotte

Spaghetti a mezzanotte, a.k.a. Spaghetti at Midnight, is a 1981 Italian sex comedy directed by Sergio Martino.[1]

Spaghetti a mezzanotte
Italian theatrical release poster by Enzo Sciotti
Directed bySergio Martino
Produced byLuigi Borghese
Written bySergio Martino
StarringLino Banfi
Barbara Bouchet
Music byDetto Mariano
Distributed byMedusa Produzione
Release date
  • 1981 (1981)
Running time
91 min.


In 1980s Asti, Italy, a lawyer with a cheating wife and dangerous lover has to deal with a Mafia boss who demands his services with a gunman who tries in vain to hide at his villa.



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