Soviet submarine K-3 (1938)

Soviet submarine K-3 was a K-class submarine of the Soviet Navy during World War II.

design of the class
Soviet Union
Name: K-3
Laid down: 27 December 1936
Launched: 31 July 1938
Commissioned: 27 November 1940
Fate: Sunk on 21 March 1943 by German submarine chasers
General characteristics
  • 1490 tons surfaced
  • 2600 tons submerged
Length: 97.65 m
Beam: 7.4m
Draft: 4.51m
Propulsion: 2-shaft diesel electric, 8400-hp diesel, 2400-hp electric
  • surface - up to 22,5 knots
  • submerged - 10 knots
Range: 14,000 nm at 11 knots
Test depth: 230 ft (70 m)
Complement: 67 (10 officers)
  • 6 × bow torpedo tubes
  • 2 × stern torpedo tubes
  • 2 × external stern torpedo tubes(24 torpedoes)
  • 2 × 100 mm guns, 2 - 45mm guns, 20 mines
Service record
Part of: Northern Fleet

Operational history

At first located in the Baltic Sea, she was relocated to the Northern Fleet on 8 November 1941. She engaged enemy shipping with torpedoes, with gunfire, and as minelayer.

On 3 December 1941, after a failed torpedo attack, K-3 was damaged by depth charges from the German submarine chasers UJ-1403, UJ-1416, and UJ-1708. K-3 was forced to surface and engaged in a gun battle the three attacking units, sinking UJ-1708 and forcing the other two ships to withdraw.


K-3 was sunk on 21 March 1943 by depth charges from the German submarine chasers UJ-1102, UJ-1106, and UJ-1111.

Ships sunk by K-3 [1]
Date Ship Flag Tonnage Notes
3 December 1941 UJ-1708 470 GRT Submarine chaser(artillery)
30 January 1942 Ingøy 327 GRT Freighter (mine)[2]
9 July 1942 UJ-1110 527 GRT Submarine chaser(mine)(also claimed by K-21)
5 February 1943 UJ-1108 462 GRT Submarine chaser(torpedo)
12 February 1943 Fechenheim 8,116 GRT Freighter (mine)(damaged beyond repair)
Total:9,902 GRT

K-3 is the fifteenth-highest-scoring Soviet submarine (not counting ships sunk by mines she laid), with 9,048 GRT sunk.


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