Soviet Women's Handball Championship

The Soviet Women's Handball Championship (Чемпионат СССР по гандболу среди женщин) was the premier women's handball championship in the Soviet Union. Founded in 1962, it last took place in 1992 following the state's collapse.

Luch Moscow (previously Trud) and Žalgiris Kaunas were early powerhouses of the championship. Spartak Kiev subsequently dominated the championship for two decades, with twenty titles in a row between 1969 and 1988. The four last editions were won by Kuban Krasnodar and Rostselmash. Avtomobilist Baku was the championship's runner-up a record 9 times, but wasn't able to win it.[1]

The Soviet Championship was arguably one of the top women's handball competitions in the world. Spartak Kiev extended its dominance to the European Cup with 13 titles, and Avtomobilist Baku, Eglė Vilnius, Kuban Krasnodar, Luch Moscow, Rostselmash and Žalgiris Kaunas also won international competitions.[2]

List of champions


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