Southfield, Jamaica

Southfield is a farming town [5] on the southern ridge of the Santa Cruz Mountains[6] in St Elizabeth, Jamaica.[7][8]

Southfield, Jamaica
Southfield, Jamaica
Coordinates: 17.8805°N 77.6735°W / 17.8805; -77.6735[1][2]
ParishSt Elizabeth
Elevation568 m (1,863 ft)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)


Southfield was originally the site of a plantation. This, together with its Great House was well established by 1796 when Andrew Bromfield was listed as the proprietor with 80 African slaves.[9] By 1922 this had been renamed Southfield Pen.[10]

In 1995, the Great House featured in a program shown on Jamaican National Television.[9]

In 2018, the Village turned into a Town and Southfield Town has 4,370 people live in 1,120 Households.


Southfield has two hardware stores, one of which is owned and operated by the Parchment family, a Petcom gas station owned by the Gayle family, many churches including Southfield Seventh-Day Adventist church which was the first Seventh Day Adventist Church in the region. It also has many shops, a supermarket and a pharmacy.[11]

There is also a school, Mayfield All Age School, a public library[12] and two churches.[1][2]

Notable residents


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